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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peter Frampton We Still Love Ya!

Talk about guitarist and not a bad singer either, Peter Frampton was one great axeman, before a live audience or in the studio he was simply magnificent. I can remember him being interviewed on some television show along with KISS, man, did I enjoy those interviews, they came across as real people who just happen to make music. I remember wanting to be them during and after that show; I was left in awe by these musical geniuses. Peter Frampton and KISS showed their purely human side, the side we rarely get to see.

Peter Frampton’s vocal effect is back again,today we have the artist T-Pain(an artist whose talent can’t be denied) before T-Pain we had Roger Troutman, all users of the voicebox made famous by one Peter Frampton, who showchased it on “Do You Feel Like I Do?”. Oh and let’s not forget about Cher and her No.1 “hit” just a little while ago. In the seventies when Mr. Frampton made his “Frampton Comes Alive!“ album no one was doing that trick; that I’m aware of, but I suspect Peter Frampton got it from somebody. Please inform me. But all-n-all I say T-Pain and Roger Troutman got the idea from hearing Peter Frampton. I’d love to hear Peter’s opinion of the two recording artist, I know he has something to say about it - look - he should, he’s the guy who made it big.

Peter Frampton is still performing, and yes, it’s true... he hasn’t been able to return to the whirldwind success of his former years but still he carrys on. I for one, truly respect him for that - it shows that he is in the business because he loves playing his guitar and making music. Hey, you can see him in a Geico commercial though, so who knows. Maybe he can do it again - but we will surely miss seeing him with long golden locks, though.

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