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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jason Taylor Mad with Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and The Miami Dolphins?

Folks I’m MAD...what the HELL is this new Miami Dolphins organization doing? Why is my homie, Jason Taylor upset? What is Bill Parcells and the new head coach, Tony Sparano, doing to Jason Taylor? They must be saying or doing some rather brutal things for this loyal and All Star, Pro Bowl Defensive player to not want to participate with his beloved Miami Dolphin teammates. Jason Taylor is a true gentleman and has always been 100% with the Miami Dolphins - a true warrior. Something ain't right folks.

Now, I almost lost it when they relaesed Zach Thomas, another true Dolphin...now there after Taylor. I’m telling you, this mess happens every year with this troubled team and I am so tried of it. I do trust Bill Parcells, he’s a proven winner, I feel he is needed here, but what’s going on? Could Bill Parcells be antagonizing, harassing my buddie, Jason(Superman) Taylor? Well, that’s what’s floating around in my Miami Dolphin mind, somebody saying something or somebody doing something to this star player and I don’t think it’s fair - not fair at all. The true will get out somehow, I just hope Jason isn’t destroyed by how he’s being treated. These are my thoughts, the thoughts of a real Miami Dolphins supporter and real fan of Jason Taylor. Jason, if you leave, know that all true Miami Dolphins will sorely miss you.

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