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Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop Hating On Photoshop - It's Just Computer Software

I been playing around with Photoshop, yes...we artists may as well grab this new artist-assistant technology because everyone's using it or demanding it. Well, it does have its advantages, an artist can complete a whole art campaign in an unbelievable amount of time. He or she can save tremendously in art supplies and such, computer art and software has its benefits. Now, I know certain areas of art production remains relatively untouched by the modern state of technology, but this is only expected since the traditional methods give artwork the true human feel that all real art exudes. The pencil, brush, paint, paper, and canvas will never, never be replaced - fine art belongs to man totally - no place for computers or any other machine. Man is flesh and blood, not metal and plastic.

To reinerate, traditionalists, take a look at the computer, it can’t hurt to look. Yeah, I know you have no use for computer-generated artwork but looking into the matter will give a newfound respect for computer-assisted art production. You will find that the artist still has to have the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and composition installed in his artistic soul to create anything of real value, the computer only outputs what it has received as input from its humand master. So, even the computer is nothing without that ‘human touch’. I know that set all my true art-producing purist straight - glad I said it - so you all can be at rest in this present state of the times. Technology doesn’t have to be feared.

To end, I will leave you with a piece of art I rendered using the new technology, Photoshop to be specific, It took some work but here it is:

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