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Friday, May 25, 2007

American Idol crowns Jordin Sparks!

OK folks,
Jordin Sparks, a beautiful girl, wins the American Idol contest. Congratulations!! Jordin!! Now you know you were messing with my girl, Pat Banatar - that woman ain't nothing to play with -but love is love. Girl, you're so cute, Damn! I know your ready for that "hit" album. I bet you can taste it, just taste it. American Idol isn't big enough to hold me, so I had to create a blockbuster album. Yeah, folks its just about finished. I'm focusing on marketing now that the album is nearly completed. It has to be promoted properly to insure that it gets sales. This has been a lot of work, making an album is really difficult, even if you have talent. But now, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor - and so do you. Music isn't easy to make, but it is wonderful when you can get the sounds to harmonize, and produce that wonderful effect we call a song. Whether pop, country, rock, soul or jazz, we love it when it's good. I know you're going to love my album. Jordin Sparks, would you like a "hit" song from me? Come on girl, we can 'do this'. I'll even call Sanjaya in so you don't get lonely, ha..ha..ha.. But I like Sanjaya. Folks my album is coming soon. See y'all.

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