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Friday, July 11, 2008

Self-Improvement, The Real Reason People Go On Vacation

People say they want a vacation; that they need a vacation to rest their nerves. They say a vacation or trip will give them a break from the hussle and bussle of their day-to-day lives, esp. their work lives. But they never really get to the issues of why they need a break from work. The reasons they say don’t get to the core of the vacation dilemma - the why of the vacation equation - why they feel they need this detour from regular life.

I think I know the true reason for vacations, people want a vacation to install a new way of living and to bring about another way of living an thinking, even if just for a few days or weeks - it’s for there self-improvement. Vacations give us a chance to radically transform the manner in which we see and go about living in this busy and sometimes hustle world. Self-improvement and personal development are the real undercurrents of this request for break in our usual routine. Sure, we are not usually aware of this hidden aim and mistakenly refer to it as “I need a break from work”, “I’m going to the islands to relax”, or “I just need to get away for a while”...

The anthems above state our thoughts to a degree, but they don’t get to the root of the problem - why we think an stoppage, a vacation, is necessary? Why this need for relaxation. We secretly desire a new way of thinking, a new way of feeling, a new way of acting - we want self-improvement in our lives - our vacations are for personal development and self-improvement. We take a trip to do more than just kick-back in the sun, no, we attempt to better our minds and bodies by this endeaver. We are really seeking to build up or inner resolve, our mental and physical, even spiritual muscles - not a relaxation. The when we return to day-to-day, usual stuff, we will be recharged, more capable of dealing with lives issues. This, my friend, is the true reason for our desire for a vacation...think on this...

On your next hiatus remember this post, try to see your real desires in wanting that trip to the Bahamas...it’s not really the Bahamas you are seeking. What you seek is a more enjoyable existence, a way to implement self-improvement. So, get to the true reason and make your next vacation all it can be.

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