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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Is Dead: Camelot Weeps Again

Senator Ted Kennedy is dead and Ol’ Camelot takes another blow. Like the mythical, storybook Arthurian land of Camelot, tragedy has again struck a member of the royal Kennedy clan. Ted Kennedy is dead now and he has taken with him the aura and legacy of this legendary politcal family with him. He was the last of those political magnates to surface out of the Kennedy fold, he was a vocal, stern, and resilient senator. He helped pass many a helpful bill(civil rights legislation being a focal point for him), and championed many causes for people in America. Ted Kennedy showed he cared about the average man and woman; the average citizen of the United States. He will be missed.

Even with all the tragedy that occured during his life, and the life of members of his family, Ted Kennedy remained a steadfast, and effective senator. He refused to let the deaths of family members or events like “Chappaquiddick” stand in the way of a glorious political career. Like his brothers John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, he was a force to be reckoned with during his many years as a politician and senator. But let us remember, even though we are faced with the fact that Ted Kennedy is dead, we will continue to feel him through the laws he helped pass. Yes, Ted Kennedy is dead, but this real American patriot will be remembered. This you can bet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damon Weaver, Kid Reporter Has A New “Homeboy” - President Obama!

Hooray!...Hooray!...Damon, the kid reporter hits the mark once more, only this time he out did himself. He finally...finally secured an interview with President Barack Hussein Obama, his new “homeboy”, he waited and waited, waiting for a chance to strike and BAM!, he captured his prey. Barack Obama didn’t have a chance. Damon Weaver and his teacher should be applauded for accomplishing this feat, what a show of preserverance...what determination...what resolve? Damon, the kid reporter was at his best.

What he succeeded in doing was incredible, taken that even few seasoned adult reporters have been able to get President Barack Obama to agree to a one-on-one interview. This little titan earlier in his short career acquired interviews with other famous people, he even had on with Vice President Joe Biden(a sign of what was to come), after Joe Biden he could almost taste President Barack Hussein Obama. But the president remained elusive; the little kid reporter was dissappointed for quite some time, it seemed he’d never get that interview. Well...well...we see what preserverance and positve determination can do - Mr. Damon Weaver has interviewed our President, Barack Obama.
Let us all learn from this young man’s shining example, let’s face our problems with the same resolve...surely we can duplicate what a little 11 yr old reporter can do. Or can we?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Leona Lewis And That Nose

What part of Leona Lewis do you notice first? What grabs your upmost attention...is it those beautiful eyes...is it those lips...maybe it’s her eyebrows...? No....no...you guessed it right, it’s that distinctive nose....her nose is quite the attention-getter, it says “I am Leona Lewis and you know this”. I wanted to express my fascination with this member of Leona Lewis’s body because it captures my attention so much. This woman, this singer, has one of those singnature noses, once seen you can't forget it.

This popular singer just burst onto the music scene with that hit song “Bleeding Love” which propelled a smash debut album. One can’t help but approve of this fine young woman...what a beauty. The intriguing thing about Leona Lewis to me is that nasal area, I simply love her nose, her nose is very prominent but so attractive, it’s a “Statue of Liberty nose”...gets your attention and approval at the same time.

As you all know from reading this blog, I am a portrait artist and some people’s faces a very interesting to us portrait artist. These faces contain elements that seem to jump out at us; features like noses, lips and eyes really excite artist like myself. Miss Leona Lewis and that nose is a great example of what ignites an artist’s mind. By the way, I’ve know a few cuties with noses of character, too. Look at the portrait below, she has a nose similar to you know who:

Let me create a portrait for you: South Florida Portraits

Yeah...Leona, babygurl, I love that cute nose of your's...you wear it well...you wear it well.

P.S. I even have a aunt named Leona, no joke.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Successful Singer

I love the music business, but I sometimes hate the “business” part of it. I’m sitting here reminising about the good ole old days when I would be sitting on the porch just singing my ears off, not a care to the world. Now, with having to make a living at my craft and be a successful singer in this music business things can seem so hectic, there’s music...lyrics...dress...photos...promotion...it goes on and

Now, I’m not complaining it’s just that one finally gets to see what it’s like to be a singer; how being a successful singer entail a lot of behind the scene activity. You get to understand why so few entertainers make it in the bis. The machanics of showbusiness are unique to the business itself, that’s why the average person preceives it to be so special. Indeed, showbusiness is special, it is so because of the emotions it creates in us. Surely, it gives us what no other arena of live can - the show.

Bascially, this post was to air my reason for being away so long from this blog...I’m telling you being a singer is hard work and time-consuming. I try to get over here but something related to my singing career pushes it to the back burner, and the next thing you know it’s been weeks since I’ve posted. So, loyal comrades please bare with me as I navigate this entertainment journey I’m on. The seas can get really rough.