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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cool Halloween Tees

Yes...the ghouls and goblins are amongst us once again...Halloween is here. I have created some cool halloween tees that will help you celebrate this fun holiday. Well...I’m alittle late with this post so maybe you can wear these next Halloween. I just get so busy at times...I’ll get ya next time. Hey, these cool Halloween tees are comfortable and made by American Apparel, a gaint in the clothing business. I’m sure you and your little monsters would have loved to sport one of these cool Halloween tees about town, but I think I’m a bit too late in offering them. Well...I just wanted you folks to see my new designs...I stay busy designing and creating. Get ya next year. Here are the fresh Halloween tees:

Hey, anyway...I wish you all a happy and spooky Halloween... Go out and have a ball!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My favorite singer, that irreplaceable, dynamic showman named Micheal Jackson will be performing his last concert by way of filmography tonite when “This Is It” is released. Micheal Jackson from what what I have seen, was on point and full of his magical self when "This Is It" was being created. He looks GREAT! and is performing like we love and expect him to.

“This Is It” will present Micheal Jackson in top form...he was ready to blow us away again. This concert would have put him back into his much deserved entertainment royalty. But we know what happened: Our “King Of Pop” died. Micheal died far too soon... I miss you so much Micheal.

This movie will show the “King Of Pop” at his best, Micheal Jackson will be singing, throwing those exciting, mindblowing moves and thrilling our hearts as only he can do. “This Is It” will start showing at midnite... GET READY EVERYBODY!! The KING is back.

And here, listen to my tribute to him: A Micheal Tribute

Monday, October 12, 2009

E-Trade Baby Commercial

That E-Trade is after my heart and my dollars...have you guys seen those little cute dudes on their commercials? I gotta tell ya....these tiny, little sprouts who I call “The E-Trade Babies”, are a riot. The E-Trade baby commercials are hilarious, I mean you come to feel that maybe these little guys are really talking. The commercials are fantastic, and I for one always stop what I’m doing to view the E-Trade Babies, they are simply irresistible...I’m with the ladies on this one. The two main babies remind you of Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon, those commercials have me rolling every time. I’m laughing right now thinking about them.

E-Trade, keep up the E-Trade babies skit, it’s working...you’re keeping us in stitches.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Letterman Extorted

Here we go again...poor David letterman is going through it again, the headline: “David Letterman Extorted”. I tell ya, Mr Letterman is having a horrible year personally but a good year for his show’s ratings. This incident , just like the Sarah Palin debacle, is keeping his nerves tensed and his Neilson ratings high. A weird two-edged sword, indeed. Now...David Letterman Extorted? He’s apologizing again....man...this stuff is embarassing me and I’m not even on TV. I’m feeling for poor David Letterman, the fella seems to be jinxed lately. If I were him I’d be alittle more cautious, watch my steps...my actions more. David Letterman extorted?... good grief...how much more can the man take.

I tell ya, if Mr. Letterman can’t end this type of activity from haunting him, we might see him leaving television all together. The man’s mental health is at stake...this is the type of stuff that takes people down all the time. David Letterman is normal human just like the rest of us, and he can succumb to these negative situations just like we all can. For Letterman to be extorted, the person had to really want to injure him. David, man, you need to wake up...wake up!!!

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