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Monday, March 1, 2010

Haiti And Chile Earthquakes But I'm Back!

Hello...helloo...hello... Hi everybody...I’m back....I’m back. Finally, I return to my blog...where have I been? Well, I’ve been busy...very busy. Doing what? I’ve been illustrating, HTML coding, and designing. I can also offer Wordpress themes now...yeah, I can supply you with a great Wordpress blog theme for personal use or business.

Since my disappearance some devastating events have occurred - someone died at the Olympics, Haiti was destroyed by an earthquake; now Chile has been disrupted by an earthquake - yes, a lot has happened, not to forget - Teddy Pendergrass’s death(what a great soul singer).

But the world continues...life goes on. I really intend to post here regularly again, so you all can rest assured of that, but my life can be so busy at times. I’m involved in so many things it amazes me sometimes. Anyway, folks, I’m back...I’m back in the house. Thanks for the love!!