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Sunday, May 31, 2009

HDTV: A Government Crime!

I’m so mad, this US government has made a deal with cellular telephone companies behind my back? I’m appalled...I’m disgusted, I feel the government has did me in again. How can our government officials do such things over and over? We are just pawns in the government's game, they use us and abuse us...yes, politics is a dirty game.

But this issue - HDTV - is criminal, the deal was done with no public acknowledgement at all. Where was the media? See you can't totally trust the media either...could they be in on the take, too? A good question, huh? A question that needs to be answered. But this high definition television transition is so unfair even if one is financially able to acquired it. By financially able i mean people who can purchase a high definition television, or who can buy a converter box - these people feel no pain in this HDTV transition. How can they? They have the money to do what is needed to continue seeing their televisions.

The crime committed by the US government entails the total failure of implementing a plan that would have insured that all - the rich and the poor - would have access to a public, tax-supported(FCC) upgradation of our airwaves. I and every other citizen should have been given a no cost solution to this transition to a new frequency band. It is obvious that this was done behind closed doors...and now we get to smell the unbearable stitch of the dirty, unfair dealings of our FCC. This is appalling to the upmost. This high definition situation is so...so unfair; in that, it is a tax, public issue. Tell me, if you didn’t have the funds to buy a new tv, or you couldn’t even afford a converter box, would you feel our government was watching out for you? No!! I’m sure you would say that the FCC really let us down this time agree. Yes...we done have to watch television, that’s so true but we all do, and the airwaves are for all us american citizens, and we have the FCC to insure that we all have the right to these airwaves. How can they flip the switch and cut off a good portion of the television viewing public when they are supposed to look out for our interests.

The results of this underhanded agreement will be devastating, many will go without tv...I sorely feel for these people. Many have no access to the internet, many can’t read, many do not have the money that they will need to go along with the coupons the government is issuing. They really messed up this time - greed was forefront in the FCC’s mind this time - they did us in bigtime. I speak mostly for the have-nots, these people are and will suffer from this so unfair circumstance. So many will be without television come June 12, 2009. What an inconsiderate, selfish act on the part of our government and electronics companies. You all get a F, what a horrible way to treat your fellow americans. I have spoken.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yes!... Yes!... Yes!!! Now, this is one I really...really like, this wonder is called “FREE”, she used to host a show called 106 & Park” that was on BET. This is a dime I been wanting to present for some time...fellas...ain’t she fine as wine? What a WOMAN, this is only for the big boys...you could get hurt playing around with this one.

This young lady has intellect and a body to match, but she has been through a rough period - she is no longer a host on 106 & Park - and I could cry, what a loss. But I hear she is singing, so let’s all hope she continues to succeed. Good luck Free...with yo fine self.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patrick Swayze, Dead Or Not?

 Patrick Swayze, cancer
I just happen to see a post on Digg.com about Patrick Swayze succumbing to death - I was shocked. Now, I’m even more bewildered because after seeing that post I read others saying the exact opposite. Yes...they are sayng he is alive! This is a travesty of “freedom of the press”; this is complete malice on the part of our beloved and trusted media outlets. They figure and we continue to prove that we, the public, love sensationalism; and that we will give attention to all things eye-provoking.
But I think when it comes to prediction of a person’s death, clearly a line has been crossed; and there is no doubt they have crossed that line. They should be ashamed.

"Dirty Dancing":

Dirty Dancing, Johnny Castle, Patrick Swayze

We, the public, enjoy Patrick Swayze and the work he has produced, “Dirty Dancing” being his most memorable, where he starred in the role of Johnny Castle. Now, with his fans having to get used to seeing him battle pancreatic cancer, they have to hear inaccurate reporting and rumors of his death. Horrible...just Horrible!! How can any one treat another, esp. one sick with cancer in this manner, the world is, indeed, dark at times.

There is one thing that Patrick Swayze is teaching and showing us as we observe his trials with this disease - Courage - Patrick Swayze is fighting pancreatic cancer with the courage of a superman. He has faced the media with honesty and bravery; he is a great example of the courage that can found in those with life-threatening diseases. I salute and honor you Patrick Swayze, keep up the fight.

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, movie, film, Dirty Dancing, Johnny Castle

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jason Taylor A Miami Dolphin Again

Yipee... Yes... Yes...my man, Jason Taylor is back home in Miami Florida where he belongs, it was just alittle too cold up there for him. Jason Taylor need the warm, tropical ambience that all us Miami Dolphins require - we don’t function well in cold climates. He took the trip to the Washington Redskins after a dispute with the Miami Dolphins management. It didn’t go well and he decided to leave the Miami Dolphins franchise. It was horrible...horrible news...dang near cried, it was hard for me during that time....so...so...hard.

Bill Parcells

This mess all began a long, long time ago, somewhere back in the year 2008 when my home, Jason Taylor decided to strut his stuff for the world on “Dancing With The Stars”, ah man...what a mistake that was, Miami Dolphins' Bill Parcells went beserk...he was calling for Jason’s head. Hey, read about it here: Jason Taylor in trouble. Yes, it was some mess....a big mess, but where there is darkness, there comes light. Jason Taylor is a Miami Dolphin again... NO JOKE!

Mr. Taylor, the quarterback crusher, has signed once more with my beloved Miami Dolphins...time to go get some tickets...yeah...yeah...we’s about to have some fun, folks... Read about his return here: Jason Returns. See, them Washington Redskins seem to want alittle too much, they fired my dawg...can you believe that? Yep...they did...they sent him packing...those scroundrels. Redskins, I’m shamed of you...y’all just wait...just wait.

Okay, the Miami Dolphins are really back now, Jason Taylor has just solidified that...we needed his skill all last season but now his back...he’s back. YEAH...YEAH..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Economy Down But We Can Be Up

The economy is down but that shouldn’t be a reason for us to be down. When things are bad we need to use the dire circumstances to strengthen our psychological forces, increase our capacity to make positive change. Now can be a time for personal development and self-improvement. Going around with a frown won’t get us out of the uncomfortable state we are presently in, only a strong resolve to change our nation’s economy will get us to a brighter day. We can all help turn things around, we all can contribute something.

Little things mean alot in times like this - a smile, a hanshake, a kind word - these simple actions can have profound results. Haven’t we all felt a gloomy day turn sunny by the little gesture of an unexpected smile from someone. Yes, I just love when that happens, and I always try to do the same when I’m out about the town, too. The fact is positive actions provoke positive actions, I need not drill you on this fact, we all know it. So, let’s be friendlier...let’s be nicer to each other in these difficult times. Maybe we can quicken this nation’s economic and social upturn by having a more positive and uplifting mental attitude. Let’s try.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NEW T-Shirt: The Obama Tee!!

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It's fresh...its off the presses...and it's ready for you to wear. It's my new "Obama, Time For Change" t-shirt, the t-shirt celebrates President Obama's election to the Presidency of the United States of America and his present successes as our new Commander-In-Chief. Mr. Barack Obama has shown that he is a leader and strong decision maker. He seems to be made for political office...he seems to just enjoy making decisions that will and do effect all his fellow americans. President Barack Obama was made to lead the United States of America - and he is showing it.

My Obama t-shirts distills all of the qualities I feel President Obama possesses into an exciting design that one can wear to show their support of our new president. Know that I thought about this design, this artwork, putting my emotions into every shape and color. I hope you all feel as I do about this t-shirt, and want to celebrate our new president Barack Obama as I do. For it is "Time For Change".