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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jason Taylor Mad with Bill Parcells, Tony Sparano and The Miami Dolphins?

Folks I’m MAD...what the HELL is this new Miami Dolphins organization doing? Why is my homie, Jason Taylor upset? What is Bill Parcells and the new head coach, Tony Sparano, doing to Jason Taylor? They must be saying or doing some rather brutal things for this loyal and All Star, Pro Bowl Defensive player to not want to participate with his beloved Miami Dolphin teammates. Jason Taylor is a true gentleman and has always been 100% with the Miami Dolphins - a true warrior. Something ain't right folks.

Now, I almost lost it when they relaesed Zach Thomas, another true Dolphin...now there after Taylor. I’m telling you, this mess happens every year with this troubled team and I am so tried of it. I do trust Bill Parcells, he’s a proven winner, I feel he is needed here, but what’s going on? Could Bill Parcells be antagonizing, harassing my buddie, Jason(Superman) Taylor? Well, that’s what’s floating around in my Miami Dolphin mind, somebody saying something or somebody doing something to this star player and I don’t think it’s fair - not fair at all. The true will get out somehow, I just hope Jason isn’t destroyed by how he’s being treated. These are my thoughts, the thoughts of a real Miami Dolphins supporter and real fan of Jason Taylor. Jason, if you leave, know that all true Miami Dolphins will sorely miss you.

Portrait Art, Get It Here

Anyone down for portrait art? If so, I can help...I can produce a top quality, professional portrait for you. I can create portraits of any size or number, I can render portrait art in black & white using media such as ink, pencil or charcoal, I will produce it in pastel, I can produce it in acrylic paint or oil paint - just let me know your wants and desires. Look at my advertisement below for portrait art:

Think for a moment about how good you would look hanging in your home or your office. Portrait art is a very personal and intimate form of art. You will be amazed by the pleasure you will experience from having your face shining on your immediate surroundings. The only way to experience this - is to commission a portrait. I will be happy to servce you, and I will create an extremely accurate reproduction of you that will delight you for many a year to come. I am always here and ready to serve.

See more artwork here: Framed art & more

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Using Cool Personal Development Slogans

I’ve been thinking about personal development and how it can really improve a person's spiritual, mental and physical being. How It can take the draining life you now have, and transform it into a lovely garden of inspiration that gives others something to live for and hope for. All the self-help gurus agree on this issue.

In the world of personal development and self-help you find statements, slogans, affirmations and mottos that are the laws attempt to live by. These slogans can be powerful catalyst for changing the way we see the ourselves and the outside world. Heres some of my personal favorites:

1. “Think Positively”
2. “You Have to Empty Your Mind of Negative Thoughts to Put Positive Thoughts In”
3. “Pick Yourself Up By the Bootstraps”
4. “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”
5. “Set Some Goals”
6. “Life Is What You Make It”
7. “You Have to Change Your Beliefs”

As I said above, personal development hinges on slogans and affirmations - these are the staples that hold it together, without them no self-help program will succeed - the personal development plan seeks to lead us down a path to fulfillment of these very statements. These mottos and slogans are the goal, they describe the results hoped for, the heaven we want so badly to enter - they represent the promise - the promise of a better life. But that where most of us run into a dead-end. We find out that words in themselves carry little weight and that being the case - we fall far short of our goal of a more fulfilling existence.

Personal development is not just a verbal exercise, it demands honesty, alertness and most of all - willpower. Without willpower you are doomed to failure, no self-help course of action will succeed where there is little or no willpower on the part of its participants. This is the major stumbling block, and the reason for no positive change in the lives of most people who try to implement a personal development regime. They just can’t find the steadfastness needed to complete the plan and fall short of the so wished for goal.

So know that the new-agers and the self-help, personal development gurus will throw out many a slogan but you must be the one to nuture the affirmation into a solid and living reality. You are the one who will have to battle with your negative blocks and ways of doing things. All responsibility for your life always relies on you, no one can change you but you, they can help you but all real change must come from your own initiative.

I invite you to re-read all the statements above, try to install them deep into your mental machine, attempt to live by them...it will require alot of effort but the results will be rewarding. You and only you hold the key to a more enjoyable life. Make today the day you take command of your mind, body and soul.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

US Gas Is Sky High - Wish I Owned An Oil Company

They are raking it in, the oil sheiks of the Middle East, our own beloved American oil companies - Shell, Texaco, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Amaco and the rest. The oil is pumping and the already swollen pockets are getting bigger and bigger. Money, money, money for all...except us, the petroleum-buying public, most of us are suffering, we can’t believe the prices. It’s as if we have become pawns in a terrifying oil/energy game. Will Texaco, Exxon, Chevron, Amaco save us - please, their part of the problem - these American oil giants are in bed with their eastern oil buddies - and man, aren’t we getting the shaft. Pandora’s box has opened and folks we are in trouble, the oilmen have gone wild and all control has been lost.

Our economy is being beat-down by the shenanigans being pulled by the worlds oil producers; don’t look for oil prices to ever return to previous levels; wave the past oil prices bye-bye. The US economy is tied to the Middle Eastern oil fields - first we lost soldiers, now we’re losing our economy. Their some happy Americans though: the Us oil companies and their shareholders. But too bad - that leaves most of us out - so we continue to suffer these offending energy prices. I think there is a conspiracy about; I see no other reason for these unusually high gas prices, something is going on and it’s going on within the top levels of the United States Government. Something just ain’t right, peeps.

It’s not going to matter who gets the presidency if this oil issue isn’t fixed, for the economy will continue to take a dive. “Elementary Watson”, you need not be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. What can we do? Not much really, unless we get political - you know - band together, march on Capital Hill - that’s about all we can do. We are going to have to change some laws and that requires work, lots of work.

The Oil sheiks and the oil companies are in heaven these days, they aren’t thinking about us poor little sheep, somehow we must find the strength to carry-on. These companies are not going to change so we must change, we need to learn conservation and be more shrewd iin our economic lives. This will help tremendously - sticking to a positive plan of action. All hope is not lost for our economy, things can get better but right now, implement a plan of positve action and make sure to follow it. I’ll be busy doing the same.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day! - I LUV U Momma!

For the most beautiful woman in my life: MOTHER.

On this Mother’s day I celebrate you, I think about what you mean to me, I think about the good times, I think about the bad times, through it all you stood there with open arms and LOVE. I Love the with all my heart, forever and ever. Mother’s Day is your day. momma, so wonderful you are.

And to all you other mothers... know that your children need you and love you. Mothers this is your day, Happy Mother’s Day!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop Hating On Photoshop - It's Just Computer Software

I been playing around with Photoshop, yes...we artists may as well grab this new artist-assistant technology because everyone's using it or demanding it. Well, it does have its advantages, an artist can complete a whole art campaign in an unbelievable amount of time. He or she can save tremendously in art supplies and such, computer art and software has its benefits. Now, I know certain areas of art production remains relatively untouched by the modern state of technology, but this is only expected since the traditional methods give artwork the true human feel that all real art exudes. The pencil, brush, paint, paper, and canvas will never, never be replaced - fine art belongs to man totally - no place for computers or any other machine. Man is flesh and blood, not metal and plastic.

To reinerate, traditionalists, take a look at the computer, it can’t hurt to look. Yeah, I know you have no use for computer-generated artwork but looking into the matter will give a newfound respect for computer-assisted art production. You will find that the artist still has to have the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and composition installed in his artistic soul to create anything of real value, the computer only outputs what it has received as input from its humand master. So, even the computer is nothing without that ‘human touch’. I know that set all my true art-producing purist straight - glad I said it - so you all can be at rest in this present state of the times. Technology doesn’t have to be feared.

To end, I will leave you with a piece of art I rendered using the new technology, Photoshop to be specific, It took some work but here it is:

Monday, May 5, 2008

“IRONMAN” + Marvel + Robert Downey, Jr. = $100Million

Now do you believe me? This superheroe has just grossed $100 million. Didn’t I prophecy this?...Didn’t I say “Ironman” was going to be a powerful piece of cinematography? Now, ready to crown me?...OK, no need to do all that, just give me credit for seeing what has now become reality: “Ironman” is a giant hit.

So, how do I do it? Well...being a right-brained individual, an artist, I’m immediately effected by good design, colors, and all things visual. This being the case, I was instantly taken by that “Ironman” Superbowl commercial earlier this year; I immediately said to myself that this was to be a great movie , if only for its visual elements. But after being overwhelmed with the shocking imagery in that short cameo, I also took in Mr. Robert Downey,Jr.’s aura, I could feel the seriousness and dedication he must have put into every word of script he uttered and brought to life on the screen. Robert Downey, Jr. wanted us to see and feel the Marvel Comics’ superheroe as a reality we could relate to, touch and feel.

Now, let me speak on Marvel’s decision to allow Robert Downey, Jr. to have this so distingished role as “Ironman”. As has been over-publicized, Mr. Downey has had some really bad and horrible situations to get through; he had to use all of his strength and resources to get back to what he is - a great actor. His life itself is a testamony to mankind’s innner powers(we are never as hopeless as we think), he was in the dungeon, but now he’s in the palace. Marvel Comics saw his desire for change and his toughness - they made a smart decision. A miracle? Yes, but we all can acheive life-changing, spectacular effects in our challenging lives, too. We just have to want it badly enough. Just like Stan Lee’s “Ironman,” we like Robert Downey Jr., can change or lives through seemingly “superpowers”, super power we didn’t belkieve we possessed. Let’s be like “Ironman” and use our minds in such a way that we draw on our will, intent in such a way that they seem to be superpowers. Good day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Time Has Finally Come: Marvel Unleashes “Ironman”

Just like “Ironman” raises himself up from the throngs of defeat, so do we battle our demons everyday, struggling to make gold from the crumbling mear of failure. Like Ironman, we get out of bed ready to get on with the better things of life, only to end in despair. But be strong my fearless comrades...we can be just like Ironman - willing to engage in battle - willing to do whatever to make positive thrives in this life.

Robert Downey, Jr., “Ironman”, will face terrible enemies, he will meet terrible, violent circumstances, but you can bet, Ironman will be the one left standing in the end. This Marvel superheroe is going to show the world how to dig deep , how to fight to the end - show us how to use those powerful inner forces we so seldom draw upon. This is a movie for all.

Get READY! Marvel and Robert Downey, Jr. brings you “The Invincible Ironman”. The long awaited movie is here. Enjoy.