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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Portrait Art, Get It Here

Anyone down for portrait art? If so, I can help...I can produce a top quality, professional portrait for you. I can create portraits of any size or number, I can render portrait art in black & white using media such as ink, pencil or charcoal, I will produce it in pastel, I can produce it in acrylic paint or oil paint - just let me know your wants and desires. Look at my advertisement below for portrait art:

Think for a moment about how good you would look hanging in your home or your office. Portrait art is a very personal and intimate form of art. You will be amazed by the pleasure you will experience from having your face shining on your immediate surroundings. The only way to experience this - is to commission a portrait. I will be happy to servce you, and I will create an extremely accurate reproduction of you that will delight you for many a year to come. I am always here and ready to serve.

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