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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preacher’s Koran Burning On 9/11 Shows Disrespect Of Religion

Well, that didn’t last long...he reneged on the deal. A Florida preacher, Mr. Terry Jones said he was going to burn Korans and no one could stop him. Now hes announces the event will never happen.Ii was all just one big publicity stunt, and he had the nerve and disrespect to use religion. What a flip-flop....is this socalled preacher a fraud or slick businessman? I’m convinced he’s both. Using religon for personal gain - he’s no better than the people he was attacking.

He should be ashamed...he really insulted and hurt many believers in the Koran. We all need to be more tolerant of other’s beliefs - be it religion or any other aspect of their native culture. This is America and we must stand together to keep this country strong. On this 9/11 anniversity let’s all remember what tolerance is all about....let us remember the deaths that occurred because of a select few who chose to believe in division. Their deaths must push us closer and not further apart.

To you preacher I say let that Koran burning stunt be your last stunt for that is not the way we Americans treat others. Mr. Terry Jones a preacher must have compassion in his heart.

Survivors of 9/11 I say be strong and keep your head up, we all understand what this day means. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Economic Downturn: Republicans?

No apologies this time...I just had other tasks to complete. So, here I am, again...I miss you too. Okay, let the show begin...READY? Here we go.... Alright...let’s talk about this economy...folks...we got problems, big problems. The stock market goes up only to fall down. President Obama and the Republicans are fightin’...Bill Parcells traded Jason Taylor away to the Jets(mindblowing!) and many other delights occurred peeps.

Hey...so negative, huh? Well...not really, one must always see reality as it truly presents itself ans wishful thinking only results in trouble. Remember....one should always look both ways before crossing the road. If you don’t...well....you gone get hurt...hurt badd...real baddd... See, reality only works if we are REAL...no sleeping on the job. Look...hey...the Republicans obviously were sleeping at the economic controls for a decade, look at America’s economic state. Well?? Agreed?? Reality is brutal to one who refuses to acknowledge it. The Republicans have gotten was into a mess beyond messes. May Reality help us. Okay my beloved Republican visitors, I mean no harm, I’m just stating the reality of the situation...if you see different...please...please leave a comment.

Well...that’s my take...my thoughts for the moment, hope you all enjoyed it. More to come.

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