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Monday, November 21, 2011

America: Let’s Keep A Positve Outlook

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Alright....I agree and there is much to prove it: America is not feeling well. Our dear ol’ country needs a jot of energy...more pep... But this is America - if any region on earth can change - that would be us. We are Americans, fundamentally positive people, we believe we can accomplish just about anything. Like the ancient Romans - we simply refuse to accept defeat - winning is our birthright.

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I’m calling upon all my fellow citizens to use their positive thoughts and behavior as armor against the growing negative situations we continue to face today. Defend youself from the low and harmful states America is experiencing these days. It is your duty to combat the negativity and find a way to dissipate it wherever encountered. Try and keep a positve outlook. Won’t you join me in this fight?

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Is Veterans Day About?

Someone asked, "What is Veterans Day about?" Really? Well...let me see... Ok, here we go...Veterans Day is about celebrating all the men and women(please include the many animal officers, too) who have ever served in our military forces. Is that clear?...did I hit the mark? Any person, today or in the past, that served in our military is honored today: Veterans Day. I, myself, want to personally thank all of you for your brave serve to this United States of America. In leaving I respond to everybody who says - "What is Veterans Day about?" - by saying read the above.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Micheal Jackson’s Death & Dr. Conrad Murray’s Fate

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Dr. Conrad Murray you got what was due, your punishment is at hand. Mr. Murray - really, how could you kill Micheal Jackson, the “King Of Pop”? Didn’t you listen and watch MJ’s, Micheal Jackson’s music and videos...didn’t you enjoy his singing and dancing? How could you be so careless Dr. Conrad Murray? Now you are a “murderer”, a hardened criminal. You will now pay for your crime.

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No, Conrad Murray...no more of this:

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