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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What this blog is really about

Hello everyone,

I'm going to express what the mission of this blog is. Through this blog I hope to communicate my thoughts about the art world and the music industry. Also, I will talk about spiritual and everyday matters, the things that we all live with every single day. This is a complete, full spectrum blog that has many interesting twists and turns that will always leave you with something. That being said, I feel you would all like to know some things about me. Well, I'm a professional artist and recording artist who always gives his best. I feel my art has an obvious uniqueness and my music has this quality also. When you view my artwork you immediately have a reaction to the work, you will get a certain feeling - this feeling is what I'm trying to communicate through the colors, objects and composition. I'm communicating an event. My music, the verses, the notes all have a story to relate - you feel every note(vocal and/or instrumental). Once again, its that event right before your senses. The arts should say something to us, that is what makes them so different. That's the sole reason I do them.

Now, in this life there are certaintly more issues to cover than the arts, that's why I will also express my beliefs, opinions and experiences in all areas of life. I have no problem with that, I live a very full life, you better believe it. I've researched and understand a whole lot of subjects, I'm well read and well experienced. You all can see that my thoughts and ideas are extremely clear and lucid. The information I will provide will prove to be very trustworthy - information that in most cases comes from my personal experience. So come here often and enjoy the experience that awaits. As you know truth is the rule and this blog lives in that. I'll get back to y'all later, see ya.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Use Google and Other things to get visits to your website

Hello folks,
Here's some more info I'm making available. This time I'm going to talk about getting people to view your website. Read this article carefully, it will be to your betterment :

Use Google and Other things to get visits to your website

I was just like many of you out there, I created a website and thought I was now ready for, and would get attention through my new site. Man, I was so, so wrong, that was the sour truth that I had to swallow. I started out extremely optimistic, but I was to find out that having a site on the world wide web is only that, it is only the first step to internet success. Having a web presence only means your website is available to the public. The site is now accessible to anybody who would like to view it but that is only the beginning. Now, here’s the shocker: yes, the site is out there for all to see but who’s seeing it? I bet you never thought about that. See, you have this wonderful website, but you’ve got no visitors - nobody knows you have a site - nobody knows your website exists. So, most of you, like I did, quickly realize that you have a very big problem. The problem is no traffic but that can be solved in many ways. I’m going to tell you some things to do:

Learn About Search Engines

Search engines, these are the main reason your site gets no visitors. A search engine is a database that contains the information about most websites on the www or world-wide web. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine, but there are thousands more. To get into a search engine, you will most likely have to submit your site to the particular search engine. Another way is to get your site linked to or listed on a popular site, the search engines visit popular sites often, and list the new sites listed on those popular websites. A search engine is like a telephone book, it helps you locate sites in the fields your interested in. It’s the same as using the ”yellow pages”, only these yellow pages are for the internet. To find search engines go to Google and type in ”search engines” and go to those sites and submit your website. It can take months for them to include your site, so be patient. The other method will shorten the time considerably.

Visit my website at: Framed Art

Learn SEO

SEO is short for ”search engine opitimization”. This is only for the true do it-yourselfers, for this can take a long time to master, and it isn’t easy. You will need to study it with determination. SEO is part of what a webmaster studies, he must know it in order to get his website or websites, known by the public. SEO is the study of how search engines work. There are certain criteria the search engines look for in a website, and the search engines themselves are complex machines, but you won’t need to know everything to get your site in these search engines. In SEO you will learn about site content, meta tags, keywords, etc., it will take time. There are some rather simple things that can be done with your website that will make a search engine give attention to your site. So don't let the search engines scare you off. You just have to learn.

Try Web 2.0

What’s Web 2.0? The term, Web 2.0, is used to indicate the new web communities, such as Myspace, Digg and many others. The internet is much different from the early days, the changes are phenomenial. Web 2.0 is one of the newest developments. Well, anyway, don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to get involved with Web 2.0. Just type in ”social communities on the internet” or ”bookmarking sites”, then go to those sites and register. When registered you will be able to list you site ane articles you’ve written. This will get your website noticed if the communities find you and your site interesting. They will become visitors to your site - it works if you work it.

Above I have relayed some good information on getting your website noticed, reread this information and then apply it. This information will not help you if you don’t apply it. And that means your site will remain lost in internet space, with no visitors. So, go to work, use the information I have freely given you, and see your web presence improve.

Visit my website at: Framed Art

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thinking about framed art

Read this article I wrote on framed art, it is full of information:

How Paintings, Drawings And Graphics Enhance A Space

A print or work of art makes a work place, a blank wall in a house, places where people gather come alive. Art makes space grow and become more interesting because of the energy, attention, and exciting feeling a work of art creates in our eyes and minds. Wall art brightens the work place, soothes the tense mind, takes one away from the stressful activities of the day. Artwork should and can change our attitudes about life. Framed art is more that a mere fragment of our reality, it can change our perpective on life and how we feel about it. So, view a painting, study the art in a museum, let the shapes, the designs, the colors affect you. You will be glad you got a chance to experience it. That is the world of art.

Collecting Artwork

Most people enjoy framed art, but many also love collecting paintings, prints, wall art and designs. This activity brings them much, much joy. They get to personally own a piece of art they can view anytime they choose. That piece belongs to them and only them. Art patrons would not trade that feeling of owning a part of that artist's mind for anything. All illustration should strive to make the viewer feel something. An artist should think about what his art is trying to say and put that idea in the work. Art is communication, the artist has to always remember this. Whether it's still life, floral, animal or landscape art, it should stand the test time.

Framed Art Has Many Uses

People desire artwork for different reasons. Some only for the visual qualities, others for that and more, another for financial gain. Only the first reason really inspires an artist to produce his creations, but he is not offended by the other reasons. He is a creator of art and shares these creations with whomever wants them. Below are the most common reasons for wanting art:

* Plain enjoyment - most people love viewing art.

* Commercial applications - Artwork can be used to sell and aid industry.

*Therapeutive - many people say design and color has a beneficial effect on them.

* It is collectable - you can collect artwork for the joy of it, acquiring work in series, theme, etc..

* Investment - others may want to buy the art you own!!

* As a gift - who doesn't enjoy receiving a piece of artwork.

So, there you have it, my thoughts on framed art. As a producer of framed art I feel very qualified to reveal these thoughts on the subject. Artwork definitely has an effect on me and I'm sure it affects you. Look at, feel the art, it's there for that purpose. And remember, art is life.

See beautiful framed art here: Framed Art I hope you enjoyed this information, it expresses my main views on the subject of framed art. Use this information and let it guide you in your next artwork purchase.

Friday, May 25, 2007

American Idol crowns Jordin Sparks!

OK folks,
Jordin Sparks, a beautiful girl, wins the American Idol contest. Congratulations!! Jordin!! Now you know you were messing with my girl, Pat Banatar - that woman ain't nothing to play with -but love is love. Girl, you're so cute, Damn! I know your ready for that "hit" album. I bet you can taste it, just taste it. American Idol isn't big enough to hold me, so I had to create a blockbuster album. Yeah, folks its just about finished. I'm focusing on marketing now that the album is nearly completed. It has to be promoted properly to insure that it gets sales. This has been a lot of work, making an album is really difficult, even if you have talent. But now, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor - and so do you. Music isn't easy to make, but it is wonderful when you can get the sounds to harmonize, and produce that wonderful effect we call a song. Whether pop, country, rock, soul or jazz, we love it when it's good. I know you're going to love my album. Jordin Sparks, would you like a "hit" song from me? Come on girl, we can 'do this'. I'll even call Sanjaya in so you don't get lonely, ha..ha..ha.. But I like Sanjaya. Folks my album is coming soon. See y'all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Art is my life

Wha' Up?
Let me tell ya what art means to me. Art is my life. Without art in my life I'd be truly lost, for it has always been a constant in my life and there for me. Art has a being of its own, it just seems to always be around. We artist love blank paper, it begs us to fill it with designs, illustration and the like. I have always had an attraction for blank surfaces. Remember, it is the artist(creator) that takes an idea an makes it visible for all to see. We artist are the creative sources, we live in the idea world and try to bring forth those ideas to the physical world. We see the light, the colors, the arrangement of objects in our mind's eye and then attempt to translate that into physical forms. It is such a great experience to be able to do this, I wish others could experience what I do when producing artwork. The feelings that accompany the creation of art cannot be described. Ask an artist how he or she does it and they will pause - they can't explain how they do it. When I create a painting colors, shapes and composition just seems to be there. I've never felt comfotable trying to explain where it comes from; I don't know. Yes, I do agree we artist are special people, but we aren't X-Men. Well, at least I don't think so. Talk to you guys and guls later.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I give you all of my music

I see that they won't stop, they're still at it. There are many people in my business(music) who feel it's all about the money. I won't name anybody, but you all know who they are- their constantly on the music charts. These folks in most cases can't hold a candle to me. Put yourself in my shoes for a minute...Here I am producing these new and 'off the chain' sounds and I, like yourselves, have to listen to this weak, poorly sang and in most cases poorly produced bullsh*t. So when I tell you I am the best, believe me and demand I prove it. The proof will be provided soon enough, 'believe that'. I aim to please. I am not against a show like American Idol, I just don't think a show like that could take a performer like myself. Sanjaya is OK,..What's Up, Man!? I say these things because I always bring 'that fire'. Damn, it just hit me again- thanks babygirls for bringing 'that fire' that keeps my music coming through. I can't do this sh*t without y'all. Homies, y'all 'in the house' too. Yeah peoples, I'm as REAL as they come. I just got so much to give musically. Those late night shows, on the networks, are just sad music wise. Hold on folks, I'm on my way. I give all I have musically. Later.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm painting away

How you doing?
I'm in the middle of completing a beautiful seascape scene, your going to love this work. Well, take a look at my other artwork at: Framed Art. The artwork above comes from that site. There you will find the same high quality art creations that this new masterpiece represents. The show continues, it's my life. This new painting has those same trademark features of mine as the rest of my work. The seawater comes through so strong your going to think you've entered the painting. You can almost hear the seagulls flying around. You can literally smell and touch the things depicted in the artwork. As I always say, "My art is more than visual- it involves all the senses and it has feeling". I want people to love the art images I create. I infuse them all with my feeling in an effort to convey a message. When you buy a painting, art print or illustration from me know that it was created with care and attention. All of my artwork shows this clearly. I'm really enjoying the production of this new piece of art. Art is true love. See you guys later.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The subjects in my art prints

Art prints are a great way to buy art. You can have a piece of art at a much lower price that is identical to the original painting or drawing. That piece will have the same quality and effect as the higher priced piece. But it will not have the same resale and auction value as the original artwork. You still get a work of art that makes your surroundings more interesting. A plain wall will be brought to life with the right piece of art. An art print will most certainly accomplish this goal. On my website: Framed Art you can buy art prints that I created, go there and you will see some amazing artwork. When creating a painting or illustration I try to capture the feeling that a given subject projects. For instance, my "Red Is Sweet"(shown above) art print gives one the feelings of country life, of farm life. My artwork always provokes a feeling each and everytime. Anyone who views my art comes away with a feeling that is transmitted through the art itself, the images were chosen for a precise effect. Enjoy the art in life. 'Til next time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I got a space in Myspace

Over at Myspace.com I'm known as "Glendell". Go over there and see my profile and drop a note, I will most certainly respond. Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting a lot of friends or should I say fans? My album is very close to release, no joke! At Myspace there are a lot of music people and I'm one of them. I have been preparing myself for the superstardom I'm sure to get. Rememember everybody, I told you all that my album is a masterpiece of music, so I'm going to be in the spot light. I am ready. Here is something more, check for that movie script I wrote a few years ago. That script will be sold to some great director, you watch my smoke, y'all will see. Yes, I'm officially a celebrity. I'm now in the entertainment industry and I love it. This album of mine is going to put me on the map, I can barely wait for it to drop. It's just about finished. And all you fine babygirls keep adding me as a friend over at Myspace, I LOVE YA. Later folks.

P.S. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot my American Idol homeboy, Sanjaya. Sanjaya, WHA' UP, HOMIE?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Stumbleupon me

Hi folks,
The other day I signed up with stumbleupon.com and They are starting to 'stumble' me( they are visiting my site). Marketing must go on. Over there I am known as "glennic" click here , there you can find some enjoyable new sites. Hey buddies, help your homie out and go there and click on Framed Art ( you will see it in my 'discoveries'). Visit Framed Art and give a 'thumbs up' if you like it, then review it. Thanks fellow "stumblers". On this very site, yeah right here, you can hit the Technorati link on the right side of this page and make this blog one of your favorites. Go ahead, I'll wait, don't let me scare you. BOO! Well folks that's it, its been fun.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Album release soon

Get ready everybody, the album of the year is nearly completed. I'm so proud, so proud. Wait until you hear this masterpiece and savor the contents. Your going to give it the praise it truly deserves and tap you feet the whole time. I say these things because it is the holy truth. The album will prove that I am one of history's best. Every note of every song is crafted wonderfully, every vocal is perfect, the production all-in-all is just amazing. As you all can see, I am extremely confident of the quality and future success of this album. The reason is because I believe in my musical talent to the upmost degree, and I know that the public thrists for real, original sounds. And that is what this album delivers. So get ready, here I come.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Thinking of my little Angel

Hi there,
I've been thinking about my sweet little angel, Glenda. You know? I'm going to keep promoting her until she's bigger than Pokemon. She has magic too, she can fly, make things appear out of air and her most precious power - she has LOVE. As I said before I love starry things and Glenda-the Angel is a very starry thing. She came to me when I was thinking of creating a cartoon . She just started flowing into my mind and before you know it, she was being drawn on the paper before me. That's how I created Glenda-the Angel, out of nothing. I really love her and she's all mine. See her at: Framed Art . Click on the Glenda-the Angel page on the site, she will love to see you. See ya.