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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What this blog is really about

Hello everyone,

I'm going to express what the mission of this blog is. Through this blog I hope to communicate my thoughts about the art world and the music industry. Also, I will talk about spiritual and everyday matters, the things that we all live with every single day. This is a complete, full spectrum blog that has many interesting twists and turns that will always leave you with something. That being said, I feel you would all like to know some things about me. Well, I'm a professional artist and recording artist who always gives his best. I feel my art has an obvious uniqueness and my music has this quality also. When you view my artwork you immediately have a reaction to the work, you will get a certain feeling - this feeling is what I'm trying to communicate through the colors, objects and composition. I'm communicating an event. My music, the verses, the notes all have a story to relate - you feel every note(vocal and/or instrumental). Once again, its that event right before your senses. The arts should say something to us, that is what makes them so different. That's the sole reason I do them.

Now, in this life there are certaintly more issues to cover than the arts, that's why I will also express my beliefs, opinions and experiences in all areas of life. I have no problem with that, I live a very full life, you better believe it. I've researched and understand a whole lot of subjects, I'm well read and well experienced. You all can see that my thoughts and ideas are extremely clear and lucid. The information I will provide will prove to be very trustworthy - information that in most cases comes from my personal experience. So come here often and enjoy the experience that awaits. As you know truth is the rule and this blog lives in that. I'll get back to y'all later, see ya.

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