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Monday, December 31, 2007

Dave Chappelle Was Made For Comedy

Dave Chappelle...ah man, this guy is a fool...he made me laugh so hard I was hollering. The man is FUNNY, I mean FUNNY! You got to see him as Bigsby-the blind black white supremacist. After seeing this skit, even the truest racist will find humor in himself. Get the video/dvd and see for yourself, you won’t be able to stop laughing. It had me hollering in laughter. This is comedy at its best. Dave Chappelle is a find, he is really funny. I thought I’d let you in on this discovery.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Kanye West's Music Is Improving

I’m finally starting to sort of feel Kanye West. His new album, “Graduation”, has more than simple sampling, there are some very original sounds on it. That got my attention, his attempt to be original, present new production, new melodies. I also applaud his bravery in songwriting(his or not), the albums lyrics are definite, no reading between the lines, he says what he means clearly. “Graduation” has a rawness that gets across. Kanye West started out as just a sampler but now I feel he is evolving. What more can I say? “Graduation” is definitely a new step for him. Does he have more? I await.

Your Personal Development In 2007

The new year is coming and coming real fast. What have you done this year? Has 2007 been good for your personal development and self-improvement? You should have something to show, something should have changed in your life experience. Our problems continue because we fail to apply the adequate amount of force required to solve them. Take time and observe the way you deal with issues in your life. Then, and only then, will you began to get a true handle on the problems in your life. This new year make a real effort to better your life. Remember your pledge, cement it in the cells of your mind, refused to let its force fade during 2008. Become student of personal development. Want change with all your being - that’s the secret - and watch your life transform.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Music For The World

Get ready for my kind of music. On my album is nothing but the best. I feel the world will love the sounds I bring and I await its response. Now that the album is complete, I feel a little funny, I’m having to tell myself that this “stardom” thing isn’t all bad, that I can take what awaits me. I know I’ll be alright. World I’m ready - Here I come!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Real Reason That The Music Business Is Down!

Record company executives are feeling very down these days, the bis' just aint popping like it use to. Record and cd sales are way down. The state of affairs is, indeed, gloomy but I say it should have been expected. The music industry has been throwing out a lot of low quality music. The current group of recording artists leave much to be desired, most are simply bad duplicates of “true” and talented artist, like Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson, said to say, is a prime target of many of the wannabes in the music industry. Sales are down primarily because of the mediocre talent that now roams the music world’s praries, internet file-sharing is only a byproduct of the state of things, people don’t feel an impulse to buy most of today’s music offerings but they are willing to download it for free.

So, how can the record companies return to their place of glory? Well, the way consists in refusing to “sign” untalented bands and singers. Record companies must become more diligent and critical when choosing artists. They must come to realize that the public demands singers that can sing, producers that can produce and songwriters that can write. Anything short of this is bound to fail. The low sales of cds is showing music execs that what they are providing isn’t up to pare and we are not willing to pay for that kind of low, unartistic music. This present situation in the music business can turn around but it will take the combined effort of the record executives and talented artists - in an industry with little of both.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Ringtones King: T-Pain Of Tallahassee, Florida

I was once a resident of Tallahassee, FL, I was raised there. I love my North Florida, esp. my Tallahassee. My family is rooted there, my mother was born and raised there. Now here’s another reason to love Tallahassee : T-Pain. Yes, T-Pain the new Hip Hop hit-making, ringtone king, chart-topping, producer and singer, is from Tallahassee, Florida. Mr Pain is the current king of Ringtones - he has sold millions of Ringtones featuring his hit songs. T-Pain, thanks for showing how talented North Floridians can be. I can’t wait to add my music talents to the list. T-Pain ‘keep holding down’ Tallahassee, I’m with ya.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Personal Development Plan Will Help You

We humans seem to always just want to do enough, just get by. We settle for a B when we could have tried harder and made an A. People often do and accomplish things with the least amount of effort they can muster - we usually choose the easiest route. We never want to really have to battle with an issue in our lives, we just want it solved in the quickest and easiest manner possible, but remember - no pain, no gain.

Finding an easy solution to a problem may feel good but it won’t help you develop and strengthen your mental facilities. Your mind needs exercise just like your body. Yes, you can increase the power of your mind - you can make it retain thoughts better(memory), you can make it more alert, more conscious of its surroundings, etc...Personal development means exactly these things. Personal development asks us to consider the way we make use of our bodies and minds. It gives us a procedure to use that will end in a more useful and skillful mind. This is something we all can use, I’m sure you agree. Start a personal development plan of action in your life today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The world of Hip Hop and Rap is an very influencial world of fashion. Hip Hip clothing means more than someone wearing their pants low, or should I say very low. No, no... Hip Hop is truly a self-sustaining kingdom with many interesting facets that combine to make it the modern phenomenon that it is. The Rap and Hip Hop culture lives on innovation, and this unique creativity can clearly be seen in the style and clothes worn by devotees of this segment of society.

Sean John(Sean "Puffy"
Combs, P Diddy)



No Limit(Master P)


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Get Quick Help Over At Yahoo! Answers


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