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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Real Reason That The Music Business Is Down!

Record company executives are feeling very down these days, the bis' just aint popping like it use to. Record and cd sales are way down. The state of affairs is, indeed, gloomy but I say it should have been expected. The music industry has been throwing out a lot of low quality music. The current group of recording artists leave much to be desired, most are simply bad duplicates of “true” and talented artist, like Micheal Jackson. Micheal Jackson, said to say, is a prime target of many of the wannabes in the music industry. Sales are down primarily because of the mediocre talent that now roams the music world’s praries, internet file-sharing is only a byproduct of the state of things, people don’t feel an impulse to buy most of today’s music offerings but they are willing to download it for free.

So, how can the record companies return to their place of glory? Well, the way consists in refusing to “sign” untalented bands and singers. Record companies must become more diligent and critical when choosing artists. They must come to realize that the public demands singers that can sing, producers that can produce and songwriters that can write. Anything short of this is bound to fail. The low sales of cds is showing music execs that what they are providing isn’t up to pare and we are not willing to pay for that kind of low, unartistic music. This present situation in the music business can turn around but it will take the combined effort of the record executives and talented artists - in an industry with little of both.

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