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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did He Live? Yes, Chris Angel Escapes Again!

What a shocker...that hotel really came down...how did Chris Angel survive this one? This guy is simply death-defying, he thinks of the most challenging, bizarre stunts you can imagine and then walks out victorious. Chris Angel is a new age magician, he really does strive to be the best illusionist on the planet, along with his partner in crime, David Blaine.

When I chanced to look over at the television screen and see this performance I was rather impressed by this whole orchestration, this total disregard for human life, this entertainment at all cost... his ambition to be the best magician ever. He and David Blaine make us think again about how we take reality for granted...they make us feel alittle apprehensive about our beliefs concerning this earth of ours, is what we see really what is there? Chris Angel and David Blaine both seem to be able to turn the world’s laws upside-down...twist reality, make reality what they want it to be. We are left with the sense that maybe Chris Angel, and David Blaine are not really like the rest of us...could they be more then magicians, illusionists? Maybe they are really causing those thing to happen and not faking it - they’re not telling.

That hotel did in fact collapse, but he, Chris Angel escaped...yeah, we heard about him having an escape plan but, hey...what kinda escape plan permits for a person getting out of a terrifying, huge building like that when it is blown-up? Again, is this guy human or a superhuman? He is leaning towards SUPERHUMAN - hear this marvel? Professor X has another member about us...name...Chris Angel.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Professional Pastel, Oil, Or Acrylic Portraiture Here

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Me Some Pastel Artwork

Yeah, give me some pastels and i will proceed to perform magic...absolute magic...i’ll render a scenic landscape...i’ll draw a perfect portrait...i’ll present you with a colorful still-life that will knock your socks off...all done with pastels.

I love pastels because they are so typical of pencil, and man don’t I love pencils, pastels and their cousin, the pencil are(or should I say “brother”, or “sister”, for you ladies?) dry media, so their not messy, their is no waiting around for them to dry...and get this: artist like myself can even make pastel look like an oil painting. Man, I tell ya, pastel is the best of both worlds...an artist has the dry(pencil, etc..), and the wet(paint) worlds.

Here, look at these pastel art pieces:

A holiday illustration.

Look at this beautiful pastel still-life composition.

And again , observe the wonderful effects of pastel - another still-life.

Jason Taylor, Ex-Miami Dolphin...Good Bye

Mr. Jason taylor...you tackled...you cheered...you defended...you represented - you were an excellent Miami Dolphin. You are no longer with us but I want you to know I appreciate the play you unleashed every sunday and monday that you played, we Miami Dolphins will miss your exciting defensive play, and defensive leadership...Jason Taylor, I for one am already missing you - you certainly deserve the best any team can give you.

Previously, I had heard that Mr Bill Parcells(60 Minutes, interviews, etc...), that he “ is a controller”, “you can’t step on the kings toes”...but these type of comments could be the work of haters, he did make some enemies during his allustrious career, right? But now I’m thinking that maybe Mr, Parcells is a bit too bossy, maybe he should look alittle into the “control factor” he has with his players. Could Mr. Bill Parcells be too egotistical? I’m afraid he is the reason my Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas are no longer Miami Dolphins. Man...this is tearing me apart. Bill Parcells I hope you know what you doing...i’m with you, you are a good coach but this move is scaring the mess out of me...

OK, yes, business is business but how could he release or offend Jason Taylor , or Jack Thomas, two of the most prolific tacklers and sackers in the NFL, how could they become meniacle all of a sudden?....I hear their trade value was the prime reason, but I suspect other things too...Jason Taylor and his partner, Zach Thomas loved their team - The Miami Dolphins.

Well, looks like I won’t get to revenge upon those NY Jets with Jason Taylor at the helm, or enjoy seeing him smile when the Miami Dolphins become an AFC championship team. Oh well, life goes on, good luck Jason Taylor.

One last thing, NY Jets, you better start running...we gonna get you still...run...run...run....

Dime Time: Tracie Spencer

I present Miss Tracie Spencer, a beautiful and talented recording artist:

Fellas, what ya think?...Yeah, I agree, what a beautiful and delicious-looking fruit. She is one of my favorite dimes and she can sing...thanks Tracie Spencer, hun. Can't wait to hear your next album.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crystle Stewart: This Is The 2008 Miss USA?

This I didn’t know...I don’t keep up with beauty pageants, the winner of the Miss USA Pageant was a black contestant, Miss Crystle Stewart, who won the Miss USA title in 2008, well...well...well...this was certainly a big surprise to me...given the Vanessa Williams debacle of years gone by. For me, and the world to see another negro get any big beauty pageant crown was rather shocking - I’m still shocked, I wouldn’t have believe it...

And man...is this 2008 Miss USA not the boom?...this “dime” is surely a beauty, she representing for real...wow...do it, baby. Again, her name is Crystle Stewart, she is from Texas and what a wonderful sight...when I saw her I nearly fell off my couch, she's that striking...a real pretty woman, indeed. And she is a black woman...that means alot...alot... Job well done, Crystle Stewart, our 2008 Miss USA.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Self-Improvement, The Real Reason People Go On Vacation

People say they want a vacation; that they need a vacation to rest their nerves. They say a vacation or trip will give them a break from the hussle and bussle of their day-to-day lives, esp. their work lives. But they never really get to the issues of why they need a break from work. The reasons they say don’t get to the core of the vacation dilemma - the why of the vacation equation - why they feel they need this detour from regular life.

I think I know the true reason for vacations, people want a vacation to install a new way of living and to bring about another way of living an thinking, even if just for a few days or weeks - it’s for there self-improvement. Vacations give us a chance to radically transform the manner in which we see and go about living in this busy and sometimes hustle world. Self-improvement and personal development are the real undercurrents of this request for break in our usual routine. Sure, we are not usually aware of this hidden aim and mistakenly refer to it as “I need a break from work”, “I’m going to the islands to relax”, or “I just need to get away for a while”...

The anthems above state our thoughts to a degree, but they don’t get to the root of the problem - why we think an stoppage, a vacation, is necessary? Why this need for relaxation. We secretly desire a new way of thinking, a new way of feeling, a new way of acting - we want self-improvement in our lives - our vacations are for personal development and self-improvement. We take a trip to do more than just kick-back in the sun, no, we attempt to better our minds and bodies by this endeaver. We are really seeking to build up or inner resolve, our mental and physical, even spiritual muscles - not a relaxation. The when we return to day-to-day, usual stuff, we will be recharged, more capable of dealing with lives issues. This, my friend, is the true reason for our desire for a vacation...think on this...

On your next hiatus remember this post, try to see your real desires in wanting that trip to the Bahamas...it’s not really the Bahamas you are seeking. What you seek is a more enjoyable existence, a way to implement self-improvement. So, get to the true reason and make your next vacation all it can be.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon: Venus And Serena Williams

The best female tennis pros played at Wimbledon, and guess who they were? Venus and her sister Serena, well, I’m sorry, they had no choice...they beat all of the other contenders. Rules are rules, Wimbledon says the best must play the best - Serena Williams and Venus Williams are the tennis world’s best in skirts.

Venus Williams was the winner of this Wimbledon battleroyal but Serena ain’t too upset, Venus is her older sis, so this was really just a family gathering with mom and pop in the stands.

These two tennis world titans are simply undefeatable players, Serena Williams and Venus Williams being so talented they are left playing against each other. These women are special and their from my state: FLORIDA. Keep Up the good work, gurls.