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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Me Some Pastel Artwork

Yeah, give me some pastels and i will proceed to perform magic...absolute magic...i’ll render a scenic landscape...i’ll draw a perfect portrait...i’ll present you with a colorful still-life that will knock your socks off...all done with pastels.

I love pastels because they are so typical of pencil, and man don’t I love pencils, pastels and their cousin, the pencil are(or should I say “brother”, or “sister”, for you ladies?) dry media, so their not messy, their is no waiting around for them to dry...and get this: artist like myself can even make pastel look like an oil painting. Man, I tell ya, pastel is the best of both worlds...an artist has the dry(pencil, etc..), and the wet(paint) worlds.

Here, look at these pastel art pieces:

A holiday illustration.

Look at this beautiful pastel still-life composition.

And again , observe the wonderful effects of pastel - another still-life.

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