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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ice Cube Replaces Vin Diesel In "XXX: State Of The Union"

Ah...man...I’m still recovering, Ice Cube was ‘off the chain' in this movie, "XXX: State Of The Union", this movie simply had everything an action movie should have - suspense, heroes, villains, visuals, and of course action. This "XXX: State Of The Union" was so packed with energy, I didn’t get up to go to the frig until each commercial break. It was simply a great film, well put together, Arnold S must agree. "XXX: State Of The Union" is a masterpiece.

This motion picture was a continuous, nonstop action-packed thriller, showing how good a movie can be. While viewing this film, I felt my blood boiling witrh anticipation of the next scene, the next eye, jaw dropping piece of special effects, the next Ice Cube sequence, this movie kept me on the edge of my seat. The only thing missing was that popcorn and that “theatre feel”, you know that large space, the crowd, but I still was totally blown away. Thank you Ice Cube for delivering an Oscar deserving performance.

Check this: Ice Cube wasn’t even supposed to be in this movie, he was the replacement for Vin Diesel. But I assure you Vin Diesel isn’t missed in this movie, Ice Cube held his own in this cinematic triumph. Ice Cube showed all his skills, I’ll so proud of him, he should get more action roles from this fine performance. Cube, you were “straight out of Compton” on this one. Great, great job on this one, I enjoyed every moment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keeping My Head In This Music Business

I’m sensing that my quiet life is about to take a violent turn, that what was before will quickly fade away...that attention levels are about to explode. Will I remain the same youngman I am today, or will I become a reclusive music superstar like Micheal Jackson(my mentor)?

Speaking of Micheal Jackson, what is my homie up to? All them skills, all that GAME he got(remember the white glove?)...what the heck is he doing these days? Oh, I know about the Las Vegas situation, or rumor but what about returning to the Billboard charts, his old home? Okak Micheal Jackson...get to it, man.

Back to me...well, I been talking about the fishbowl nature or voyeurism of the show business world - people follow us, photograph us, write and read about us - all for a profit. I hate this part of my profession - the Paparazzi - being my nemesis. These guys stop at nothing to make an entertainer’s life a living hell...they won’t run, or ruin my life, I refuse to let them do that.

Folks, I just wanted to relate some of my thoughts on being a full-fledged recording artist, here we go. I asked for this and here we go....see ya’ll at the Billboard awards...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I’m Chatin’ On AOL Chat Rooms

I’ve found some fun...AOL Chat Rooms, it’s crazy fun...you pick a chat room to enter and chat 'til you drop. It’s crazy over at AOL Chats, go see. I’m new to chat rooms and this introduction was shockingly surprising and some of the people are quite friendly - another surprise.

You can even create your own brand of chat - start a chat about anything under the sun. AOL Chat Rooms will supply the chattters, you just pick an interesting subject and let the fun begin. Forums and chat rooms can be exciting and you can learn alot by joining these communities, try it out today and get connected.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack Obama, Democratic Nominee - A Personal Development Example

Barack Obama did it , he won the delegate race, and by doing that won the Democratic nomination. Barack took everything Senator Hillary Clinton and team threw at him, and he took it like a man, when I thought here we go again...bye...bye Mr. Obama...he survived and continued on... This man his a strength, a silent powerful strength, he is showing America what personal development can do, what faith in oneself can accomplish. Mr. Barack Obama doesn’t seem to understand failure, he doesn’t seem to hear the nay-sayers, he just goes forth, focused and determined. That my friends, is the result of a personal development and self-growth program that Obama has obviously been using through this entire campaign to reach the White House. We heard and hear personal development mentality in his speeches, in the way he carries himself. Barack Obama is a man full of will.

The issues with his finances, the questions about his religion, and that situation about his pastor - all successfully dealt with - show the character of a strong-willed man - a man named Barack Obama. This man has accomplished something few americans ever thought would ever happen: a black man winning the Democratic presidential nomination or any other seat close to the presidency. But Obama shocked us all by winning the Democratic presidential nomination. His personal development regimen works, and works really good.

Positive thinking, self-help, bravery, self-improvement, theses quality and more are exemplified by Barack Obama in this historic race to become the next president of these United States of America. He is such a example of personal development and the powers it can unleashed in our lives. I think Obama for this wonderful example of man’s inner resources.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ready For The Paparazzi, Fans And Fame

It took me more than a year to complete this album but I did it, and now my life is going to change drastically. Time to get ready for the onslaught of attention and admirers that success in this business attracts. I’m not looking forward to the prying eyes of the paparazzi, they are so intrusive but the public created the paparazzi. The public demands info on celebrities and the famous, the paparazzi is only suppling what the public wants. Still I kinda hate them. well now they will be aiming and following me, it comes with the entertainment territory and I accept it totally. Still I hate it, though.

Prediction: my album will change the music industry, it will be #1 on the billboard charts, it will make me and instant millionaire - this and more will my debut album do. I truly believe that this album is going to do thses things, and in so doing change my quiet live forever. But I’m not complaining, I have chosen to persue show business as a career, no one pushed me into it, I objectively sought to follow this path. I have no regrets, no complain. I am a Rock-N-Roller for life.

What remains to be seen now is the fillment of the above predictions... they as more than accomplishable given my talent and deep understanding of the music business. I know how to make hit music and how to entertain, folks get ready for a wonderful ride, get ready to experience "GLENDELL".

Monday, June 2, 2008

Using Black & White In Artwork And Calligraphy

Black and white artwork is a whole subject onto itself, I simply love it, black and white are the true extreme colors, and they call for strong imagery and subject matter for them to unvail their true power. Art that is black and white seems to call for something from its viewer - calling for our input to add to its raw, blunt character. Black and white artwork impresses our retinas in such a direct way, our consciusness, our emotions...and our memories awaken in the most profound manner when we see these strikingly contrast colors.

There is one well known effect of using black and white in artwork, most of us know of this quality from its presence in photography. This effect is age, the past, black and white has always been used to relay the impression of the past - an earlier time. Most of this effect comes from the time when photography was only available in black and white, a fact most of us are aware of. Observe this effect in the following images:

Nostalgia, memories, the past, are definite qualities exuded by the color combination of black and white...the pictures above immediately sent you back to the past, to memories you haven’t recalled in quite some time. This is a secret that Madison Avenue has always use in its efforts to sentd our minds into the past - a secret it has used very successfully. But this effect has been known and used by many others as well. The contrasting elements of the two colors just catches the attention; we just can defend our mind from their definity; their directness, no other colors influence us so dramaticly.

There is another profound area where we see black and white reining supreme; it has been used for this purpose since ancient times - begining with the very creation of paper - it’s called “writing” - the most popular form of visual communication. Writing is also used as an art form - lettering - lettering is used constantly in advertising, design and other methods using visual media. But there is also another distingished means of utilizing print or the written word, its called “calligraphy”, calligraphy is a decorative form of writing, a complex style of writing that takes time and practice - not to mention artistic talent to master. And black ink on white paper is the tradition way of producing this so revered form of printing the human language. The use of black and white is the standard; gives this style of writing and art form its intense effect on the eyes; gives it its beauty. Below are examples of the art of calligraphy:

Being the most contrasting colors of all, black and white can present qualities that no other colors can. They can steer us into a loftier mind state, a delightful state of mind through use of lines, curves, etc., or by using the same throw ourselves into a dull, horrific mental state. Other colors can do the same thing but never in so striking a manner as these two fundamental colors.

To experience the effects of black and white, as with all colors, is to use them often - only in this way will the artist feel and know a chosen color. Start experimenting with black and white artwork, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the results.