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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack Obama, Democratic Nominee - A Personal Development Example

Barack Obama did it , he won the delegate race, and by doing that won the Democratic nomination. Barack took everything Senator Hillary Clinton and team threw at him, and he took it like a man, when I thought here we go again...bye...bye Mr. Obama...he survived and continued on... This man his a strength, a silent powerful strength, he is showing America what personal development can do, what faith in oneself can accomplish. Mr. Barack Obama doesn’t seem to understand failure, he doesn’t seem to hear the nay-sayers, he just goes forth, focused and determined. That my friends, is the result of a personal development and self-growth program that Obama has obviously been using through this entire campaign to reach the White House. We heard and hear personal development mentality in his speeches, in the way he carries himself. Barack Obama is a man full of will.

The issues with his finances, the questions about his religion, and that situation about his pastor - all successfully dealt with - show the character of a strong-willed man - a man named Barack Obama. This man has accomplished something few americans ever thought would ever happen: a black man winning the Democratic presidential nomination or any other seat close to the presidency. But Obama shocked us all by winning the Democratic presidential nomination. His personal development regimen works, and works really good.

Positive thinking, self-help, bravery, self-improvement, theses quality and more are exemplified by Barack Obama in this historic race to become the next president of these United States of America. He is such a example of personal development and the powers it can unleashed in our lives. I think Obama for this wonderful example of man’s inner resources.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

yes lotto, even in the turmoil of 2008(gas, jobs...), we have some light, Obama is some light. Glad to be of service.