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Friday, September 28, 2007

Test Your Brain With These Optical Illusions

In the world of science we find many unbelievable things. The science called psychology has discovered that our minds can perceive objects in error. We take our optical apparatus for granted; we never analyse the processes by which we see things. Psychologist discovered flaws in our visual area when we view certain designs and shapes. The brain was found to add nonexisting objects to that being observed, thereby providing delusional data. Below, I have provided some images that will startle you; cause you to reexamine the trust we have placed in on our optical facilities. These figures will awaken curiousity about man’s way of seeing his environment. Our brain processes information in quite astonishing ways. The optic nerve, with its synaspes and neurons, relays light impulses to our brain in the most complex and mysterious of manners. In this operation the brain can be fooled and present us with what is termed an “optical illusion” - carefully observe and enjoy these items:

1. In viewing this figure you will see an optical illusion - a white triangle that does not truly exist:

2. Here your brain sees three totally different images, instead of one - a vase and two opposing faces:

3. Look closely at the lines of this image, you eyes will immediately present you with an almost 3D effect:

4. This figure seems to change its shape:

Optical illusions are so much fun and one can get lost in them for hours, but they also present us with the sobering question: “ Can we trust our eyes and mind at all times?”. Considering the above information, the answer has to be “No”. Before reading this article you thought your brain and mind were always to be trusted, now you know that is a fallacy. Science may eventually understand the effects these figures provoke in our consciousness, but for now, these reactions remain a mystery. You like everyone else who has ever viewed these images for the first time, were astonished. You were left totally puzzled and perplexed, even annoyed that such things exist. Our mental makeup has made no room for such hallucinations. Our minds simply reject what cannot be understood. These designs are useful in that they cause us to be more alert and attentive in our everyday lives, and that can only be to our benefit.

All of these images produce results we could in no way have anticipated, and by having experienced them, we are left with a newfound knowledge pertaining of our mental and visual machinisms. The fields of science and psychology are engaged in constant research in an effort to answer the perceptive riddles presented by these images. Let these qualified and astute individuals find the causes of these so interesting figures. Maybe one day they will discover the causes behind these optical illusions, until that time arrives, we can just continue to be intrigued and astonished by this type of imagery.

These images always shock my mind, no matter how many times I view them. Did you find the images interesting?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ASHANTI - You're looking good in "Resident Evil: Extinction"(pics)

"My Baby, Ashanti"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This White Man Can Sing: Robin Thicke

This young man had me fooled when I first heard him. I said, "This is a WHITE man?". I can usually sense the race of a singer from a few notes...Robin Thicke completely fooled me. A word of advice: Robin focus on you own style, on the way you want to sing. Forget about "sounding black". You truly can stand on your own and still sell cds. You have a good, natural voice - just let it sing. I'm hard to please but your current single is hitting me hard. I'm giving you the stamp of legitimacy. You belong in the music industry. Welcome.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Improve Your Home With Framed Art!

Framed art is an effective way to enliven the spaces of your home. It's not like a lighting fixture or a sofa. No, framed art seems to communicate with its viewer in a more emotional way. Art evokes our life experience, the joys and pain of everyday living. An artist transmits his or her thoughts, opinions and perspective on life through paint and pencil, and now, computer. This expression makes framed art a very different element in the interior design scheme. Artwork has the capacity to bond with us in a way that is really unique.

On your next art purchase, allow the framed art you’re considering to live in you, to speak to you. Don’t buy works that you can’t relate to. You want the pieces that exude an aura that is harmonious, not only with your home’s walls, but harmonious with your mental make-up. That will ensure that the art will have a long and beneficial influence on your life experience. Always choose what feels good to you.You know what you want, just look inside for the answer.

The SECRET To Life: Real Personal Development and Self-Improvement

On this blog I have some really fantastic and helpful information. Information that if applied will totally transform your life. As you know I am involved with the betterment of our mental health and well-being. I’ve written numerous posts and articles about personal development and self-improvement. Many others have and continue to talk on these subjects, but I have a totally different take on the subject.

Self-improvement and personal development is something many people talk about, but do they implement the strategies they promote? Here you will find a sore spot, their weak spot. If you knew them, you would surely not take or seek counsel from most of these self-help gurus. To talk it, is easy, to do it is another world. To succeed in the field of personal development takes a honest, and painful analysis of one’s outer being. And that’s only the beginning. Next, you’ll going to have to take stock of your private self - the inner thoughts, opinions, and ways of viewing reality you have become accustom to. This is where the so-called teachers fail miserably. They don’t understand the inner components of man’s psyche.

There is more to man than his outer actions. Until his inner mind states are observed and worked with, a man is only wasting his time persuing self-improvement. Any plan a person tries without looking into their inner thought processes will only fail. A man is far more complex than an animal. An animal only seems to think somewhat like a man does, but we all know that animals don’t have any real mental development. Their mental ability is far below that of mankind. Man has the highest mental development of on this planet. To change a man’s life requires complex knowledge.

I know the way to developing and creating a strong and healthty mind. The information I provide always works, it never fails to produce a more viral, more healthty life experience for the person following the course I prescribe. My knowledge comes from life it self - not from lip-service. The articles and posts I have created on this subject all entail powerful instructions that work everytime, if you use them as directed. Like this post: ”DO THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER LIFE!”, a wonderful article you will love. And this one: “4 Ways To Create A Positive Life”, this is a must read! Here a post about paranormal abilties of the mind: “Leaders of our country using psychics?”. Read this information, and learn how to make your mind more powerful and beneficial in your life journey.



Okay, every rat and cat in a box is talking bad about Britney’s performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Oh, now you’re mad at her? She finally did it this time, huh? “She’s no good - it’s over”, you say. Tell me have you ever bought a Britney Spears cd? Before her so-called fiasco, were you a fan? I don’t want to hear it...you Love Britney Spears. You know you do, without her what would you do?

Many a fan tuned in to the MTV Video Music Awards just to see their idol. Britney showed up and did what she always does. You say her performance was bad. Oh, come-on, since when has Britney Spears(I love you baby) been this spectacular singer and dancer? You only keep up with her because of her astonishing looks: she’s very beautiful. People don’t admire Britney Spears for her vocal or dance ability. Britney is totally eye candy. The more you see her, the more you want to see her. This is the reason you turned on the MTV Video Music Awards. You surely didn’t expect a ground-breaking performance. It may not have even met her standards, but it was Britney for sure.

All-in-all, you guys are being too hard on this troubled public icon. Everyone knows this girl’s life is in shambles - cut Britney some slack. Give your goddess, your queen, some breathing room. That’s what a true fan would do. Can’t you see your idol crying backstage? Don’t you feel her pain? She wants to please each and everyone of you. Are you going to turn your back on her now. She needs you most now. A real fan will see her through this time. Think about it.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

SEO Is A Must In Today's Internet Climate

Well, there’s a smart SEO company out their looking at my SEO skills. Smart move on there part, I’ll be a true asset to their team. Bring me on board; get satisfied clients. Search engine optimization is a science - Google has made it so. It's no longer easy to figure out exactly what search engines are using to establish their SERPs anymore. This opens the field for anyone willing to study and master the search engine algorithms. It’s a grueling task but it must be done in the present state of the internet.

Website onwers can no longer just get a site designed, throw in a few keywords; then sit back and wait for a throve of visitors to come to their site. Those days, my friends, are long gone. The spammers and blackhat webmasters - along with the tremendous increase in websites on the wotld-wide web, has provoked the search engines to drastically change their ways of determining a website's value. SEO is a needed component in today’s internet marketing strategy. To have a successful website in today’s internet climate takes good internet and search engine opitimization skills. Without them, your internet endeaver will be of little value and a waste of time and money. So, put the odds in your favor and enlist a skilled SEO professional.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11: The Positive Side

This is what Ben Laden didn’t expect: "The Spirit Of AMERICA". These firemen show the true gold of America.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Real Truth About Princess Diana's Death

What do we really know about Lady Diana’s death? We were told this and that by the media. They finally said that Lady Diana was killed by the careless driving of her driver in an effort to allude the paparozzi. I myself left it at that, but through another source I have found reasons to doubt the foregoing accepted explanation of her death. Was she killed?

I have read that Lady Di wrote in letters to close associates - that Prince Charles was out to kill her. Yeah, that one blew me away too. What a diabolical thought that is, this is far more suspenseful than television. Could this be the truth ? The source that told me of this alledged and dreaded plan of the beloved Prince Charles, seems to be a reliable group staffed with serious investigators. They said other things too...like the tunnel the car crashed in didn’t have security lights working when the princess’s entourage entered it. I’d never heard that before - could this be true? They put forward the idea that the driver was not drunk at the time of the accident: that the authorities replaced his blood samples with someone else’s - what a bombshell this would be if this can be proven. There’s more... they’re also saying that there were eyewitnesses that said they heard gunshots in the tunnel when Princess Diana’s car went into it. Again...that the ambulance chose to take her to a distant hospital when there were ones closer. The source told me that the French authorities and investigators are covering up all of this information and more.

Tell me, have any of you heard the above statements? They were a shocker for me also. As I said above, this source comes across as a legitimate group. And remember, government officials and the media do lie. In the never-ending quest for money, they along with the rest of us, have a impulse to stretch and even destroy the truth, in exchange for compensation or because of fear. The truth can be hard get at in many situations because of outside interference. We’ve all told a lie and we know other have also. So why can’t the facts surrounding the death of such a popular and powerful person not be hidden and or altered. It’s really something to consider isn’t it?

Whatever be the case - We miss you Princess Di. Your memory won’t ever be overshadowed by the tragic details of your death. You had a sincere smile and love in your heart. These things can be a burden in this world of ours, but they were your assets. We all can learn from your example Princess Diana. Rest in peace Lady Diana.

The most beautiful girl in the world!!

WHAT A SUDANESE BEAUTY - Ford Modeling Agency, look at this one:

"Will You Marry Me?"



Look at these pictures, and tell me, does it seem that blacks hate their own kind? Is Dafur just another result of the shared hatred among blacks?


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Even Criminals Love Micheal Jackson

Filipino prisoners performing Micheal Jackson's "Thriller":

Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Believe In Angels?

Have any of you ever thought that maybe there are angels, and that we humans may have contact with heavenly beings? Do you believe that we mortals are being guided through our earthly journey by helpers of a different sort? There are lots of people who swear that we do have celestial assistants. There are plenty of folks who believe they have been guided, protected and assisted by heavenly forces. Why do they say such things? Are they deluding themselves? Is this an attempt to get attention, to impress others? Or are these people simply telling the true? Most of us dismiss these people and their tales as lies or delusion. Most everybody takes stories of contact with angels as fiction; something reserved only for children.

But think about this: haven’t you had an experience that completely bewildered your mind - leaving you totally dumbfounded, not wanting to believe the event occured? I’m sure you have, everyone has. These are the times that leave us open for consideration of otherworldly inhabitants: intervention of starry forces and presences. We’re left thinking “Maybe there is a God who has angels that he sends to this lowly planet to help us”. But as soon as the situation is resolved, we forget these uncomfortable, unusual thought patterns and the foregoing event thrown before us, and we once again refocus on our usual day-to-day living. Forgeting that we, for a few moments - really considered a God and his angels. We say “Could they exist?” These startling events happen so rarely that we almost always allow them to recede deep into our minds where they become a faint memory. We bury these strange occurances - hardly ever reviving them.

Heaven my exist but most of us, if any at all, have never seen it. There have been many a time when I’ve considered the presence of a supernatural or angelic being. The events
that transpired were so strange that I at the time, could only make sense of the situation by crediting some force beyond mankind as the cause of the event. Otherwise the event would seem improbable. But like anyone else, each time, I shrugged it off, and sent it to down to that far away, dark dungeon of the unconscious mind.

From here on out let’s try to be more open the the idea of heavenly presences. Who knows? They might actually exist. In the meantime take a look at that little sweet little angelic being named “Glenda the Angel”. She’ll have you believing in a higher force, check this out: Glenda the Angel . Hmm...Maybe angel do exist, maybe they do exist...