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Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Believe In Angels?

Have any of you ever thought that maybe there are angels, and that we humans may have contact with heavenly beings? Do you believe that we mortals are being guided through our earthly journey by helpers of a different sort? There are lots of people who swear that we do have celestial assistants. There are plenty of folks who believe they have been guided, protected and assisted by heavenly forces. Why do they say such things? Are they deluding themselves? Is this an attempt to get attention, to impress others? Or are these people simply telling the true? Most of us dismiss these people and their tales as lies or delusion. Most everybody takes stories of contact with angels as fiction; something reserved only for children.

But think about this: haven’t you had an experience that completely bewildered your mind - leaving you totally dumbfounded, not wanting to believe the event occured? I’m sure you have, everyone has. These are the times that leave us open for consideration of otherworldly inhabitants: intervention of starry forces and presences. We’re left thinking “Maybe there is a God who has angels that he sends to this lowly planet to help us”. But as soon as the situation is resolved, we forget these uncomfortable, unusual thought patterns and the foregoing event thrown before us, and we once again refocus on our usual day-to-day living. Forgeting that we, for a few moments - really considered a God and his angels. We say “Could they exist?” These startling events happen so rarely that we almost always allow them to recede deep into our minds where they become a faint memory. We bury these strange occurances - hardly ever reviving them.

Heaven my exist but most of us, if any at all, have never seen it. There have been many a time when I’ve considered the presence of a supernatural or angelic being. The events
that transpired were so strange that I at the time, could only make sense of the situation by crediting some force beyond mankind as the cause of the event. Otherwise the event would seem improbable. But like anyone else, each time, I shrugged it off, and sent it to down to that far away, dark dungeon of the unconscious mind.

From here on out let’s try to be more open the the idea of heavenly presences. Who knows? They might actually exist. In the meantime take a look at that little sweet little angelic being named “Glenda the Angel”. She’ll have you believing in a higher force, check this out: Glenda the Angel . Hmm...Maybe angel do exist, maybe they do exist...

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