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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make A Pledge On New Years Day!!

Happy New Years to all, hope you all have a wonderful Happy New Years Day. What a year 2009 was...doom...doom...and more doom. Crooks, swindlers and everythingelse...man, I really hope all that is over, but I’m afraid it will continue to an extent. This nation needs more than a new president, the country needs hope. The United States is trying to shake off years of administrative abuse. The actions of a few have damaged this country’s well-being and we all have paid the price.

We have suffered severely, in 2009 the United States went into a near Depression state. I truly hope 2010 lifts us out of this state of affairs...how much can America take? This New Years Day should be celebrated with the hope and dedication of things really new. Let’s hope the new year ushers in prosperity and togetherness: the things sorely missing in 2009.

So...everybody...will you join with me? Will you pledge on this New Years Day to make 2010 a more joyous time for us all? If we do this, each and everyone of us, we will have a better year ahead. Come on everybody, we can do this...make a pledge...let’s have a wonderful New Year's Day and a prosperous new year, I’m counting on you.

And to help us set off New Years Day, here is “Happy” from “RUDOLPH'S SHINY NEW YEAR”: