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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Music Album Is On The Way

OK, this is a progress report, my debut album is very close to finishing. Yes, it’s true, I know I’ve been saying this for months now but this time it’s real. Before, I told the truth as I saw it then, but circumstances always got in the way of making music. So finising the album kept being delayed. Also, keeping this blog up-to-date and promoting my art website take alot of time away from my music. I’m a very busy businessman, indeed.

Being songwriter, musician, producer and singer is hard but love-filled work. Those are my occupations in making this album, I wanted every song to cause an effect on the listener and I know this music will do that. I carefully selected some of my best musical creation for this first album. My fans are going to love the hard work I put into making this record. The making of this album was a labor of love, and very soon I hope to have each and everyone of you enjoy it. Thanks for staying tuned! I’m so excited!

Monday, February 25, 2008

IRONMAN - Robert Downey Jr Shows His Iron

I gotta tella ya, this year’s Super Bowl was fantastic, even with that lackluster performance by Tom Petty and his crew. Come on - you know it could have been better. I just couldn’t feel the performance...I like Tom Petty, I’ve some of his tunes. I guess success can be a killer sometimes. I’ll never perform like that - PROMISE! Oh, but...I’m not even commenting on that beauty, Jordin Sparks - to look at her is to love her. Forgive me for being a male.

Hey...did ya’ll see the “Ironman” commercial though? This commercial along with those Micheal Jackson loving reptiles, blew me off my seat...I would buy both of these masterpieces of filmography. They represent why we still love our commercials - esp. our Super Bowl ones. Great, simply Great! Sorry Tivo. Back to "Ironman", this movie looks like it’s going to knock us out with special effects and superb acting. My man, Terrence Howard(of Ashanti's, my baby, “Foolish” video) is in this Marvel feature - I love Marvel and Stan Lee. And yes, I can and do draw comic book heroes. Alright, side-tracked again...Okay, so Terrence Howard is in this Ironman movie, but he’s not the “star”, the star and lead is none-other-than ***Robert Downey Jr***(I like him), that’s right, the former “Academy Award Nominee”, is starring as Ironman. You can’t keep the good ones down.

I look forward to this movie, I know the public is going to eat up this lastest Marvel installment. Marvel never disappoints like DC comics but maybe I shouldn’t blame DC comics, but who they allow to make their movies. Well, anyway, Marvel hasn’t produced a really sour film yet - Stan Lee - I love ya. "Ironman" will be in theatres around May of this year. Can we wait that long? Robert Downey Jr, you're such a good thespian - and you may, indeed, get that Oscar for this performance. Terrence Howard, me & Ashanti are watching you too. Good luck with “Ironman”.

China Meets Hip Hop

You ain’t gonna believe this...Watch this beautiful, fine as* chinese woman drop that as*. She is living in China, and making Bruce Lee(if he were alive) extremely proud. I was totally shocked when I saw this, peeps, hip hop has really taken over. Jay-Z and the homies are truly all over this globe. This chinese “hottie” proves it with her exciting hip hop moves... This “dime” is just “off the chain”, man. Bruce Lee forgot to tell me about this side of China. Watch this chinese homegirl work that thing:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Beetlejuice" - HOWARD STERN's Comedy King

This guy is my favorite Howard Stern associate; he is quite the comedian unbeknowest to himself. Sure, he has a mind that’s a little - okay, very much undeveloped - but he is quite an amazing guy when it comes to making you laugh. He certainly has a lot of bravado; he always succeeds in causing us to laugh - at him mostly.

This unusual fella goes by the name”Beetlejuice”, yes, after the Michael Keaton character. Now I wonder who tagged him with this so distinguished title? Who would think of naming a real person after such a weird cinematic character? Oh, of course, none other than that “King of All Media”, Howard Stern. Howard Stern has a knack for finding the most interesting and unsettling individuals on this planet. Leave it to him to dig them up and present them to our bored and seeking minds. Beetlejuice is certainly not normal but man...he with his strange behavior makes you bust in comedic joy at every turn. Howard Stern I have to thank you for this find, this guy is pure comedy. I’m laughing just thinking of him. And yes, he does look freakish like the Beetlejuice of Michael Keaton fame.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Uno, the Beagle, Wins At The Westminster Dog Show

Yeah, I was impressed too...that sturdy little beagle had me tuning in too. You would have thought he was Underdog the way he handled himself - his confidence, his swagger - what a handsome devil you are Mr. Uno. “Have no fear, Uno is here”, he has been crowned by the Westminster Dog Show.

Uno, the stunning beagle, had alot of weight on his tiny little shoulders...Do dogs have shoulders? Well, he won anyway, Uno had the crowd from the beginning, he was just the canine of the moment. Like Snoppy of Charlie Brown fame, Uno simply melted our hearts. We all wanted this beautiful little beagle to pull it off. And he did in royal fashion, the Westminster Dog Show will never be the same.

Now, to add to his glory...this small dog accomplished a feat that no other dog in his breed had ever succeeded in doing - he won at the Westminster Dog Show - a feat never before accomplished by a beagle. Remember, dog shows are poodle turf! But not this time. I’m proud of ya Uno...Hip hip...horay...Hip hip...Horay...the new king has arrived, and his lordship is named UNO.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mariah Carey Does It Again!

Mariah Carey

She’s at it again...Mariah Carey is making ”hits” again. Say what you want about her, Mariah Carey is delivering top quality music. Her last album had one song that pushed the rest of the album,”The Emancipation of Mimi”, to the top of the charts. “The Emancipation of Mimi” launched with a new and unexpected sound for Mariah Carey with the song, "We Belong Together", this song was a musical gem. She and Jermaine Dupree produced one hell of a tune when they made "We Belong Together". I predicted after hearing that song, that she would be back in the winner’s circle. What happened? ”The Emancipation of Mimi” went on to become a huge selling album, selling in the millions.

”The Emancipation of Mimi”

Cut to the present, the year 2008, Mariah Carey is about to serve up her next helping. And from the look of things, oh excuse me...from the sound of things, our ears are going to eat up this delicious audio feast. Today I caught her lastest song, ”Touch My Body”, she has definitely done it again. I’m crediting the “off the chain” producer and record mogul, Jermaine Dupree, for this outstanding recording. “Touch My Body” will be a giant “hit” song. Mariah Carey has done it again peoples, she continues to send-off her current installments with powerful lead singles. Just like "We Belong Together", ”Touch My Body” is going to throw her soon to be released album in to the stratosphere.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Talking About Self-Growth: Fake Teachers

You know them, their on television, on your AM dial, their everywhere and you continuously try to implement their false regimens. Just like those odd, unsafe and uneffective diet plans we are bombarded with, we are constant targets for worthless self-growth and self-improvement courses and plans.

The only defense for these self-help and personal development gurus is a clear mind. The very thing so-called self-growth teachers and preachers promise to give you with their books, lectures and instructions. These smiling and clever individuals are quite aware that their teachings are in most cases totally valueless but fame and money are too attractive for them to resist. That being so, these fake and in many cases, misguided souls are more than willing to sell you a bill of goods. But if you listen with attention and use your reason , you will see that most of these teachers of self-growth are just actors. They say what they think you want to hear.

Self-growth as it is taught today is like taking a pill - they say change comes instantly - and just like magic you get a better life. Today’s personal development gurus love teaching that your live experience can be transformed quickly - and seeming with little effort on our part. This is a LIE - man is not some type of computer - with replacable parts - that if replace all will function properly. But this is what the majority of self-growth instructors claim.

For any self-improvement regimen to succeed, a person must observe themselves and really see how they function in their day-to-day lives. This and only this will assure insure a clear analysis of their mental structure - shredding light on problems. Our minds have all to do with the way we handle issues in our lives. Start with your precious mind first, it should be your starting point.

Now the self-growth industry says stop being negative; stop being jealous; stop being sad but to accomplish these things requires determination and a will of iron. Our minds are powerful and we can’t just say we will change and then like magic we are new and improved. Sad but that's what our self-growth teachers are saying at every opportunity.

To improve your life remember that which is making the decisions - your mind - and make a sincere effort to change the way it acts and react - then you will began to enter true personal development. Things promised by the so-called self-improvement gurus will start to appear in your life. Your life will become more manageable, more enjoyable. Your mental makeup will have changed making your experience more in line with your goals. This awaits you but it will require determination, again determination.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Props To My Man, Boy George

Do you guys remember Boy George? Yeah, I also had to get pass the appearance. But man, he had a wonderful and original voice. Boy George had this strong yet melodic style of singing. He really could sing; most of his ‘joints’ I liked. He song in a very deep and soulful way, his voice convinced me that he feel music deeply like myself.

To day we don’t hear many Boy George’s - talent is getting less and less available. One would think that the radio stations and record companies are orchestrating some kind of diabolical attack on our precious ears given the low quality of the music we are forced to hear these days. Boy George, represents a quality and uniqueness rarely presented today. Listen to some Boy George today.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Super Bowl Champions!

Thanks from me, Don Shula and the rest of the Miami Dolphins
You make the Big Apple Proud!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let’s Go, New York Giants! Let’s GO!

Let’s do this New York Giants, I’m counting on you to be the white knights that defeats the evil dark knights. Come on guys...dig deep...stand up straight...we can do this. It’s not like we don’t have the weapons to win this war. You are the New York Giants, the NFL’s NFC Champions, you are the New York Giants. Feel better now? And Oh, did I forget to mention, you fellas can help us Miami Dolphins out, too. I’d really appreciate it.

Okay, now... let me proceed. NY Giants, you have a very unenviable task before you, your opponent ain’t no joke. Yeah, in my last post, I spoke on The New England Patriot’s disregard for the NFL polices, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the real talent of the New England Patriots. You are going to have to play a perfect game to beat this infamous NFL team. Believe that. You New York Giants are going to have to be on your A game, no missed tackles; no missed field goals; no interception and most of all - NO GIVING UP.

Good luck New York Giants!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The New England Patriots Are No Miami Dolphins

The big game, “The Super Bowl”, is here and everybody is awaiting the best two teams of the NFL to engage in battle. But this will be no average championship contest, one of the teams has captured our attention. These New England Patriots have achieved something that no other team has - except one other team - their nemesis - The Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins(1972)

Now these Patriots are a special bunch, this can easily be seen by any football spectator even if their knowledge of the game is a little shaky. This team wins so seeming effortless that you wonder if their opponent is really trying to defeat them. That’s how good the New England Patriots are, they have excellent players in every position.

Here’s where the train goes off the tracks for this team and glorious NFL franchise: They are cheaters. The New England Patriots were caught videotaping another team's defensive signals - this is a horrible revelation - how could they? My faith in the New England Patriots and , for that matter, today's NFL, was permanently shaken. And of course, I can’t see how their perfect season can be called legitimate. This team CHEATED.

Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history, and coach of the perfect season 1972 Miami Dolphins, is totally right in his appraisal of the New England Patriots. He said the Patriots should have an asterisk placed by their record. He said the New England Patriots have been caught cheating - and this omits any claim they could have of a perfect season.

Today we had another revelation about these New England Patriots - but maybe I shouldn’t blame them for this one. Well...you won’t believe this one: the NFL has allowed the evidence of the Patriots cheating to be destroyed. Folks, even if you are a die-hard New England Patriot fan, even you have to shake your head on this incriminating action.

The above expresses the reason why the New England Patriots should not be considered in anyway equal to those record-setting, non-cheating Miami Dolphins. We all know that if you chat to win, you haven’t won.