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Friday, February 29, 2008

My Music Album Is On The Way

OK, this is a progress report, my debut album is very close to finishing. Yes, it’s true, I know I’ve been saying this for months now but this time it’s real. Before, I told the truth as I saw it then, but circumstances always got in the way of making music. So finising the album kept being delayed. Also, keeping this blog up-to-date and promoting my art website take alot of time away from my music. I’m a very busy businessman, indeed.

Being songwriter, musician, producer and singer is hard but love-filled work. Those are my occupations in making this album, I wanted every song to cause an effect on the listener and I know this music will do that. I carefully selected some of my best musical creation for this first album. My fans are going to love the hard work I put into making this record. The making of this album was a labor of love, and very soon I hope to have each and everyone of you enjoy it. Thanks for staying tuned! I’m so excited!

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