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Monday, February 25, 2008

IRONMAN - Robert Downey Jr Shows His Iron

I gotta tella ya, this year’s Super Bowl was fantastic, even with that lackluster performance by Tom Petty and his crew. Come on - you know it could have been better. I just couldn’t feel the performance...I like Tom Petty, I’ve some of his tunes. I guess success can be a killer sometimes. I’ll never perform like that - PROMISE! Oh, but...I’m not even commenting on that beauty, Jordin Sparks - to look at her is to love her. Forgive me for being a male.

Hey...did ya’ll see the “Ironman” commercial though? This commercial along with those Micheal Jackson loving reptiles, blew me off my seat...I would buy both of these masterpieces of filmography. They represent why we still love our commercials - esp. our Super Bowl ones. Great, simply Great! Sorry Tivo. Back to "Ironman", this movie looks like it’s going to knock us out with special effects and superb acting. My man, Terrence Howard(of Ashanti's, my baby, “Foolish” video) is in this Marvel feature - I love Marvel and Stan Lee. And yes, I can and do draw comic book heroes. Alright, side-tracked again...Okay, so Terrence Howard is in this Ironman movie, but he’s not the “star”, the star and lead is none-other-than ***Robert Downey Jr***(I like him), that’s right, the former “Academy Award Nominee”, is starring as Ironman. You can’t keep the good ones down.

I look forward to this movie, I know the public is going to eat up this lastest Marvel installment. Marvel never disappoints like DC comics but maybe I shouldn’t blame DC comics, but who they allow to make their movies. Well, anyway, Marvel hasn’t produced a really sour film yet - Stan Lee - I love ya. "Ironman" will be in theatres around May of this year. Can we wait that long? Robert Downey Jr, you're such a good thespian - and you may, indeed, get that Oscar for this performance. Terrence Howard, me & Ashanti are watching you too. Good luck with “Ironman”.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this movie as well. It should be pretty good.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Hi. Yeah, I just love Marvel comics - it's the artist in me.