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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama...Obama...Our Next President?

Senator Barack Hussein Obama was a so impressive at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and me being a black man, to see Mr. Barack Obama, a mixed race individual, give such a shining and powerful speech tonight was like crystal clear water pouring down a desert-dry, thristy throat. This man, Barak Obama, looks like the next president of these United States, what a powerful and courageous delivery...this brave man made me so...so...proud. He brought back memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his historic speeches...Mr. BarackObama was on fire.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention was simply ravishing, he stood before this nation speaking like a man on a definite mission; he looked serious and stern; he spoke strongly with authority and he spoke like someone deserving to be our president. I saw nothing but a strong and intelligent black man(ok, partly black man) showing that one’s race has nothing to do with one’s determination and desire to accomplish. Tonight was historic and totally amazing and I have Senator Barack Obama to thank. Thank you Barak Obama, thank you so very much.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Olympic Champ Michael Phelps’s Secret: Lil Wayne not Speedo Swimwear

Hmmmm....interesting....they kept talking about the Olympic swimmers swimwear, they keep talking about those new age, NASA-tested Speedo swimsuits Micheal Phelps and his Olympic teammates are wearing, the Fastskin LZR Racer. These swear that these sleek, fancy-looking Speedo swimsuits are the reason for the US swimmers’ successes and world record-breaking victories. Well, I got something to say about all this...

Okay, peeps, yeah, thoses Fastskin LZR Racer swimsuits are nice but did any of you catch yesterday’s nightly news on NBC, Michael Phelps was interviewed by NBC's Brian Williams and he said before the swim contest begins he listens to Lil Wayne... Well, there it is...there you have it...straight from the horses mouth... THE SECRET to Summer Olympics swimming champion Micheal Phelfs’s success is Lil Wayne...yes...yes...I know you are dumbfounded to hear this earth-shattering news but I’m only the conveyer, the truth had to be told. Oh, there’s more...just in, “Lil Wayne will be Barack Obama’s Running Mate”. Heeee...Heeeee...okay....okay!!!! I was just joking...okayyy...it was just having some fun. Alright....alright!!!!!

Yes, my noble readers...this was a fun post, mostly for fun... But mind you, Olympc swiming champion, Michael Phelps, could indeed be receiving help besides those Speedos from the sounds of Cash Money’s Lil Wayne, for as we all know music can calm an otherwise tense mind and body - Lil Wayne’s music could be relaxing and energizing Mr. Fhelps to the point of overwhelming victory.

But let’s face it, the ultimate reason for our Summer Olympics swimming champion Micheal Phelfs’s success is himself. Micheal thanks for a job well done.

Fresh Art: Look At My Brand New Framed Art Prints

I have just completed my latest art project, these art pieces are brand spanking new, only hours old. Theses framed art prints were as always a labor of love, and I hope you’ ll feel the energy, the dedication and love I poured into each piece of artwork. I dove deep into my creative mind to come up with these framed art prints, this time I wanted to make framed art prints that were colorful but had a very direct effect.

These pieces of artwork convey a strong immediate, and I think unexpected directional tone while at the same time relaxing, comforting influence upon their viewers, opening the eyes as well as the mind. The art composition methods I used nearly aways seek to reach out to the seer, to arrest, and or, shock their mind into another world, a universe where objects are seen from a deeper standpoint...a place where objects literally talk and feel. In other words, my framed art prints, paintings, illustrations, drawings and any other artwok I create serves as a conduit for your mind expansion and creative upliftment. Communicating through line, shape and colors is - I find - a great way relate with others.

Using intense color illustrations and paintings is one of my favorite ways to produce framed art prints as well other types of art; color has definite effects on people, some colors can irritate and some colors exude a calming beneficial effect on our consciousness. Psychologist are quite aware of the influences and counsel the business community on these malevolent or benefical qualities of color and design.

The framed art prints I have most recently complete all have the qualities described above - and yes, they do enlist an obvious Andy Warhol influence - that makes for rather delightful art viewing. Here I will they are, here’s to a enjoyable framed art print viewing:

See more art here:
Framed Art Prints

Sunday, August 10, 2008

“America’s Got Talent”, This Show Is REAL!

Alright, they, NBC, has finally created a talent show that I like and give my approval to, yes it has similarity to “American Idol”, but it is far better, you got true audience participation. Now listen to to who it has as the judges: Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff, yeah, the guy from ”Night Rider” who drove a car named “Kit”. And just guess who the host is? No...Wrong...it’s none other than the Honorable Mr. Jerry Springer, yes, of the “Jerry Springer Show”, he’s the master of ceremonies.

I really feel this NBC show is a great showcase of performers, some good; some horrible but rest assured, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, is a real good television show, and deserves a good run on the tube, i’m addicted now and I feel you will be too.

Sharon Osbourne is so real on this show, being that Sharon we all know and love so much, we got Piers Morgan, the Simon Cowell of the show, but I feel his opinions are correct, heart felt judgements, not just for hype but to help the performers develop and hone their art, next up we have the playboy, David Hasselhoff, his input is also honest and I feel accurate judgements. All of “America’s Got Talent”’s judges are excellent, this is a honest show with less of the fanfare of “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” is more about true talent, and less about hype created by the judges. And the audience participation is really wonderful....I just love seeing the studio audience get into the show...this is a real good show.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Etsy, Etsy, As In Esty.com - Art and Crafts For Everyone

You guy got something to sell, you guys tired of Ebay....well then...I got a little secret to tell you. The secret is a place called “Etsy.com", click, but it is becoming less and less of a secret, this wonderful world of art, jewelry, and crafts is becoming more and more the place to buy and sell handmade creations. I found out about this worldwide marketplace by through my constant internet surfing and I think I found a good website this time. It is a really nice site.This website is being called “the upscale Ebay”, and you will find some nice artwork, some excitng craft pieces, some amazing jewelry, hip clothing and some of everythhing else.

I’m a real big fan of this site because yours’ truly has an account on Etsy.com and he is selling painitngs, framed art prints, portraits, my “Glenda The Angel” products and more - go take a looK. Etsy is giving every artistic, creative person an outlet to present their works for sale and buyers a way to purchase some unique items, Etsy.com is a great opportunity for sellers and buyers alike. I’m heading over there now...why don’t you follow me?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Prince: That Guy That Worked On A Batman Film Before “The Dark Knight”

Prince Rodgers Nelson is his name and he is from Minneapolis, Minnesota...yes Minnesota Viking territory. Is he a Minnesota Viking? Well, I don’t know about all that but he is most certainly a great guitarist and singer. And he has no association with the mega-hit Batman film “The Dark Knight”, but that isn’t all of what this post is about, it’s about Prince himself.

I been planinng to make a post about Prince for a long time, but somehow I never did. Prince is one of my favorite recording artist and this is certainly a enjoyable post. Prince created music for “Batman”, the first Batman movie, released in 1989, directed by Tim Burton., starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. Now look at the franchise Batman has become, sequel after sequel...box office hit after box office hit. DC Comics created a new cinematic category - superheroe films - and today we see a non-stop issuance of these type of films, with rival Marvel at the head.

Prince didn’t supply any music for the current Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight”, and it seems to be no less without it, it’s breaking box office records. Sorrowfully though, the catalyst for this film’s success seems to be the untimely death of one its main actors, Heath Ledger who played the Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Though his acting was superb, the attention surrounding his death was the reason for the films phenomenal intial success.

The purple lover, Prince is a very handsome, sexy singer who flatters and attracts women with his Pied Piper-like music and performances. I loved this man’s music since I first heard of him. I have his early music and his later releases, I gotta have my Prince. I want to express my gradtitude for the powerful music he has made, and the strong image he provides for any struggling musician out here. Prince believed in himself and so should you. I wasn’t a fan of singers holding guitars until I saw Prince, he made handling that axe seem so awesome. He made me feel his love for the guitar, it was not an instrument but an extention of his very self. I’m a dancer and we dancer hate holding instruments but Prince made me change my mind about playing the duitar, he looks so exciting when he plays his tool.

I urge each and everyone of you to give this music god a thorough listen, listen to “Purple Rain”, listen to some of his earlier joints - then you will see that this guy is worthy of the successful career he has had. Let the Purple One rule, he is a good king.