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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresh Art: Look At My Brand New Framed Art Prints

I have just completed my latest art project, these art pieces are brand spanking new, only hours old. Theses framed art prints were as always a labor of love, and I hope you’ ll feel the energy, the dedication and love I poured into each piece of artwork. I dove deep into my creative mind to come up with these framed art prints, this time I wanted to make framed art prints that were colorful but had a very direct effect.

These pieces of artwork convey a strong immediate, and I think unexpected directional tone while at the same time relaxing, comforting influence upon their viewers, opening the eyes as well as the mind. The art composition methods I used nearly aways seek to reach out to the seer, to arrest, and or, shock their mind into another world, a universe where objects are seen from a deeper standpoint...a place where objects literally talk and feel. In other words, my framed art prints, paintings, illustrations, drawings and any other artwok I create serves as a conduit for your mind expansion and creative upliftment. Communicating through line, shape and colors is - I find - a great way relate with others.

Using intense color illustrations and paintings is one of my favorite ways to produce framed art prints as well other types of art; color has definite effects on people, some colors can irritate and some colors exude a calming beneficial effect on our consciousness. Psychologist are quite aware of the influences and counsel the business community on these malevolent or benefical qualities of color and design.

The framed art prints I have most recently complete all have the qualities described above - and yes, they do enlist an obvious Andy Warhol influence - that makes for rather delightful art viewing. Here I will they are, here’s to a enjoyable framed art print viewing:

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