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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Origin Of Halloween

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Yeah...we got spooks...spiders(poor little fellas)...pumpkins(why they put them in, though I do love pumpkin pies)...and that strange name: Halloween. Whence cometh this dayath? What’s the origin of Halloween, huh? Well...it started a long...lonngg time ago, back when things were a little different. Back then people worshiped trees, the moon, rocks and a bunch of other stuff - different times indeed.

This so-called Halloween(All-Hallows-Even), as it’s called, was said to have began as a festival, a rockin’ good ol’ time that marked the end of summer. Some where along the line some Scotttish connected supernatural happenings with the party. And that’s where we folks caught on, and it looks like we’ve took it to a whole nother level y’all.

scottish burial, scotland, samhain, halloween, celebrations, headstone

So...there you have it - the whole story...the origin of Halloween. Party and have a spooky ole time. Oh... kids, I’ll tell ya 'bout that candy issue another time. Aight??

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bobby DeBarge: Remembering A Real Singer

Now, here is a singer that was a strong influence on my music and how I go about it. His name is Bobby DeBarge...what an outstanding vocalist - a Real singer. He was the lead singer of “Switch”, a soul group on Motown Records. Once hailed as the new Jackson 5, this group showed creativity and poise...and how to party. But the focal-point was the suave lead singer, Bobby DeBarge, a singer who could switch(pardon the pun) vocal altitudes at will. Bobby is no longer among us, but we carry him always in our hearts. By the way, Bobby DeBarge has a son: Bobby DeBarge Jr. who sings...so watch for him. Bobby thanks for the memories.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A 96 yr old can’t vote in Tennessee?

Is it Tennessee, or is it racism? What is this?...Believe me, Miss Cooper has seen a lot of that but surely it had to end one day. Hey! We have a black president, and we can vote...OPPS!!! Right? No way they say, we’ll just change a law or two. We'll catch a few birds, blackbirds, with this one they said. Miss Dorothy Cooper, a 96 year old black resident in Chattanooga, Tennessee was just what was planned. Worked like a charm.

Miss Cooper be careful, I hear they have some sleek new jewelry for you to wear, too. Just call it the “chains of love”:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Has Died

The genius has died, Steve Jobs was a genius, and nobody will say different. This man continue to will live on in all the wonderful and useful creations he envisioned and created. Mr. Jobs will be missed...he inspired and drove many a friend and competitor to greatness. Steve Jobs has died but we will remember him as a modern-day Michelangelo. The man was so eager to show us his latest idea stream that we came to rely and expect electronic miracles from him. And he never, ever disappointed us. Thank you, Steve Jobs.