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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brad Pitt: King Of New Orleans

The Question is: Did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get married? What’s your belief on this matter? Next, will they live happily ever after? How many kids will they have? What’s really going on with this couple? We need to know. Right? Well, public relations or not, these two tinsletown titans are doing some nice humanitarian work. We keep our eyes on them because of their fame, but they are showing themselves to be more than run-of-the-mill Hollywood spectacles - their showing a very human side. Who new Hollywood could be so humanistic.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been going around, especially Brad Pitt, doing quite loving actions. They have; along with Madonna, been saving some of this world’s poorest children, an act I thought was only for publicity. I surely don’t think that way now. I felt Angelina Jolie was just following her man, Brad Pitt, just going along with the scheme. But considering Brad’s lastest act of courage and kindness I must give him a standing ovation. Spending money, buying homes for the less fortune was a truly admirable act on his part. Yes, that act blew me away - This man is using his money - most won’t do that. There has to be “realness” in him. Outstanding - Brad Pitt - my hat’s off to you. You’re winning me over, man.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Peter Frampton We Still Love Ya!

Talk about guitarist and not a bad singer either, Peter Frampton was one great axeman, before a live audience or in the studio he was simply magnificent. I can remember him being interviewed on some television show along with KISS, man, did I enjoy those interviews, they came across as real people who just happen to make music. I remember wanting to be them during and after that show; I was left in awe by these musical geniuses. Peter Frampton and KISS showed their purely human side, the side we rarely get to see.

Peter Frampton’s vocal effect is back again,today we have the artist T-Pain(an artist whose talent can’t be denied) before T-Pain we had Roger Troutman, all users of the voicebox made famous by one Peter Frampton, who showchased it on “Do You Feel Like I Do?”. Oh and let’s not forget about Cher and her No.1 “hit” just a little while ago. In the seventies when Mr. Frampton made his “Frampton Comes Alive!“ album no one was doing that trick; that I’m aware of, but I suspect Peter Frampton got it from somebody. Please inform me. But all-n-all I say T-Pain and Roger Troutman got the idea from hearing Peter Frampton. I’d love to hear Peter’s opinion of the two recording artist, I know he has something to say about it - look - he should, he’s the guy who made it big.

Peter Frampton is still performing, and yes, it’s true... he hasn’t been able to return to the whirldwind success of his former years but still he carrys on. I for one, truly respect him for that - it shows that he is in the business because he loves playing his guitar and making music. Hey, you can see him in a Geico commercial though, so who knows. Maybe he can do it again - but we will surely miss seeing him with long golden locks, though.


Yeah, that was him, that was ma man, Jason Taylor, strutting his stuff on “Dancing With The Stars”. What cha think? Did he delight you? Did he excite you? No New York Jet, no New England Patriot, no Buffalo Bill - not even a New York Giant could ever move like that...only a Miami Dolphin could have pulled that off. “Dancing With The Stars” will never be the same. Look at ma man in action, eat it up ladies:

Yeahh...Yeahhh...that’s how we Miami Dolphins get down...all day, all night. Hello ladies. Me, Jason Taylor and the rest Miami Dolphins crew say: "We love ya".

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How Hatred Of Novels Make You A Good Artist


Growing up I read nothing but comic books. I didn’t understand books like novels; I just didn’t understand why someone would want a book that had no pictures. My take was that - you only read such books because you had to - like in school - a math book or something. I just didn’t get the idea of reading pages and pages of words and novels were at the top of my don’t do list. See...an artist is a visual being, we see life in pictures(Sperry found we use another side of the brain...interesting), pictures we later paint or draw. Now, of course, things are certainly different but back in the day you couldn't have caught me with one of those hated “novels”.


Ya know, growing up is something else, you just can’t believe how you change mentally and physically over the years. I remember going to high school dances and skating rings; excuse me, skating rinks, for the politicly correct, and thinking my big brother, Preston(he used to drop me off to the rink), was surely missing out on all the fun...the music and the girls. Only to to have to grow up and find out that he could have been partying harder than me. You know, tighter dresses, alcohol, etc...I found out that the places he went to were hyper and more interesting than my hang-outs and he never told me. Why? Because I was too young, too wet behind the ears, as the grown-ups put it.

disco ball

You see what I mean? Youth does have its disadvantages - no doubt. So, back then I ran from any book or text that didn’t contain pictures or alot of pictures. By the way, Britney Spears is starting to make me a little crazy!(Britney Spears, if you’re reading this - remember I love ya baby) - do you know she will be appearing in the next episode of what ever that show's name is..sorry, ya’ll know the name of the show. See? This blog is “Live”, I give it to you raw baby. No fake hear, it's totally real baby. Good post, huh?

So long live comic books, man couldn’t have created a better thing for a young artist. Nearly every artist grew up loving comic books, of that I’m sure. All my art-inclined friends draw out of comic books; they all had a stack of roach attracting(I hope that didn’t shock my sweet little female blog readers, but the truth is what I speak...ya’ll a be alright).

And while I’m at it, I’d like you guys to know who my favorite comic book illustrator(back in the day I called them drawers) is, his name is John Buscema. He is a Marvel Comics artist, I followed him for years - he illustrated “Conan The Barbarian”. Oh man...I learned so much from this guy, he wrote a book too, “How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way”:

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Just remember, comic books make excellent artist and save the novels and texts for later. Right artist...you wit me? Comic books RULE!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Paul Winfield's, Cicely Tyson’s & Kevin Hook's Great “SOUNDER”

“Sounder” - one of this planet’s greatest movies. “Sounder”, a film released in 1972, starring Paul Winfield, Cicely Tyson, Kevin Hooks, was one of the realest pieces of cinema ever to grace a theater. I love this film so much I can hardly write this post...”Sounder” just blew me away with the realism of the actors, the storyline, the set...every aspect of this movie screamed “masterpiece”.

There is no sensible way this film could have not received an Academy Award - but guess what? It didn’t. And what a crying shame, motion pictures don’t get better than “Sounder”. The actors must of had to lie in the sauna from the energy they brought to that movie. Here’s another review by Chris Aldridge, read what he has to say: ”Sounder” review. Thanks Chris, for knowing it when you see it.

Cicely Tyson, Kevin Hooks, Paul Winfield I will always love and respect how you made me enter a time gone into the past. I’ll never forget how you made me feel my heritage - and made me proud of my heritage. What I’m trying to say is thank you for “Sounder”.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stan Lee & Marvel Comics Rivaling Disney

Stan Lee and his Marvel Comics are proving a fair match for the giant Disney. Though Marvel can’t match the extreme wealth of Disney, it still is a formiable contender. Marvel is certainly gaining market share with its interesting and exciting superheroe line-up. We’ve always loved their comic books, and now with Marvel’s transition to and/or addition of films - we love them even more. Disney has to be feeling the heat from Marvel Comics movie success.

Stan Lee, the head of Marvel and creator of many of its superheroes, is doing a fantastic 4(how you like them apples?) job developing his company’s endeaver into feature films, the movies are nothing short of mind-blogging. They all do the given superhero or superheroes justice, they present an exacting pictorial of the characters - not to mention the showing of the superheroe’s powers - with the movie’s amazing special effects. Stan Lee you continue to get it done. I for one give you a standing ovation - you certainly deserve it.

Now, I’ll leave you guys with this: what if Stan Lee were a DC Comics guy? Things would certainly be different at DC Comics, look at the picture below:

Friday, March 7, 2008

You Can Change Negative Situations

Acting in positive ways can transform a troubled mind. Man is a walking chemistry laboratory, our minds and bodies are in constant change. By understanding this we can benefit greatly and add more hamony to our daily lives, because in living, times come when we just can’t muster the will to change a stream of negative, demeaning thoughts; this being so, we find ourselves ravished by joy-robbing thoughts and feelings - thoughts and feelings that can ruin us, instead of build us up. We find our lives getting more and more dull and lifeless. But there is a way out of this dungeon, and it only requires a honest effort to make it work.

Our lives are constantly bombarded by low quality influences; these influences are coming in from an array of sources: television, radio and now the internet. If we want to have a more joyous life experience we all must take responsibility for our mental well-being. I’m proposing a method that will seem simple but let me assure you it will take will-power to accomplish.

I know this plan of action works because I’ve used it more than once myself. And I’m sure I will make use of it again. Our mental as well as our physical well-being should always come fisrt in our lives. Now, this is what I'm advising: the next time you find yourself battling bad thoughts, think of and perform a positve act or action. Yeah, that’s it, just flip-the-script and immediately do something uplifting. What I’m talking about is doing a positve action, preferably a physical act. A physical act will have more effect than simply thinking about the chosen action; a physical action will have a definite on deeper parts of your mind. Try it and see. Thinking is a lighter activity, physical activity requires our whole being. With is technique you will be calling in resources you don’t usually use to help you defeat those dreaded, low thought and emotional patterns.

The positive action you will perform doesn’t have to be overly difficult, it doesn’t have to match the negative menace you are attempting to uproot - it just needs to be a truly positive action. Here’s an example: someone says a mean and evil thing to you at work, you do your best not to let it bother you and on the way home you go to the car wash, or better, you personally wash your car. The washing of the car seems totally unconnected; certainly has nothing in common with that foul-mouth person at work, but they are related. Like the two poles of a horse-shoe magnet they are related - the positve and the negative - related but no the same. What you will be doing is changing, lowering the force(amperage, voltage) of your mind’s negative pole. Yes, this is a little scientific, but hang in there with me...Continuing.... the car washing will, indeed, have an effect on the negative charge of the earlier event with the co-worker. You will be working and mixing bio-energy, a result will come about. You will see that you are feeling better from having washed your car. Almost, like magic, you will begin to be less bothered by that prceeding occurance. If not - wash the car again.

This personal development program works, I know from my very life that it does. Read this information as many times as needed. If you use it in earnest, you’ll acheive results. Take charge of your mind, don’t let the negative, unhealthy influences and currents we live in have their way with you. Start implementing my personal development program today and start living life more fully.

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    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    P. Diddy Getting An Oscar For “A Raisin In The Sun” ?

    “A Raisin In The Sun”

    I watched Puff Daddy’s version of “A Raisin In The Sun”, a film first made in 1961 starring Sidney Poitier, Claudia McNeil, Diana Sands, Ruby Dee and Louis Gossett Jr. on ABC the other night. Puff Daddy’s version was quite interesting, P. Diddy himself had a leading role, playing the troubled young man - who so badly wanted to be a success. I’d never seen Sean Combs act, so I was rather surprised to see him give such an inspired performance. Does his performance deserve an Oscar? This was one good film, I really enjoyed this movie.

    Now the movie itself was in the line of the “old negro spirituals”, no hope anywhere. But it ended like “Cinderella”. This new “A Raisin In The Sun” was a good movie, no doubt. ABC took a chance and from the news sources, ABC won big. Another feather in the hat of mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs and his new “BadBoy Films”, Diddy just keep doing it. Oprah, watch out baby, this Sean "Puffy" Combs ain’t playing baby. I LOVE some Oprah. She’s proud of you P. Diddy.

    P. Diddy

    And the cast performed professionally, even the little boy did a fine acting job. Yes, I know about the stellar record of some of the actors(Phylicia Rashad Audra McDonald), the Tony Awards, etc.. They all did a wonderful job. Big Ups, again. Oh and I have to mention that beautiful, naturally fine as* Sanaa Lathan, whoaa...I sho’ enjoyed seeing her Puff Daddy, thanks homie.

    Sanaa Lathan

    A job well done Diddy, I await your next move. You continue to show why you are such a player in the “game”, and you continue to show that hip hop is really a good thing. Keep it coming!