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Friday, March 7, 2008

You Can Change Negative Situations

Acting in positive ways can transform a troubled mind. Man is a walking chemistry laboratory, our minds and bodies are in constant change. By understanding this we can benefit greatly and add more hamony to our daily lives, because in living, times come when we just can’t muster the will to change a stream of negative, demeaning thoughts; this being so, we find ourselves ravished by joy-robbing thoughts and feelings - thoughts and feelings that can ruin us, instead of build us up. We find our lives getting more and more dull and lifeless. But there is a way out of this dungeon, and it only requires a honest effort to make it work.

Our lives are constantly bombarded by low quality influences; these influences are coming in from an array of sources: television, radio and now the internet. If we want to have a more joyous life experience we all must take responsibility for our mental well-being. I’m proposing a method that will seem simple but let me assure you it will take will-power to accomplish.

I know this plan of action works because I’ve used it more than once myself. And I’m sure I will make use of it again. Our mental as well as our physical well-being should always come fisrt in our lives. Now, this is what I'm advising: the next time you find yourself battling bad thoughts, think of and perform a positve act or action. Yeah, that’s it, just flip-the-script and immediately do something uplifting. What I’m talking about is doing a positve action, preferably a physical act. A physical act will have more effect than simply thinking about the chosen action; a physical action will have a definite on deeper parts of your mind. Try it and see. Thinking is a lighter activity, physical activity requires our whole being. With is technique you will be calling in resources you don’t usually use to help you defeat those dreaded, low thought and emotional patterns.

The positive action you will perform doesn’t have to be overly difficult, it doesn’t have to match the negative menace you are attempting to uproot - it just needs to be a truly positive action. Here’s an example: someone says a mean and evil thing to you at work, you do your best not to let it bother you and on the way home you go to the car wash, or better, you personally wash your car. The washing of the car seems totally unconnected; certainly has nothing in common with that foul-mouth person at work, but they are related. Like the two poles of a horse-shoe magnet they are related - the positve and the negative - related but no the same. What you will be doing is changing, lowering the force(amperage, voltage) of your mind’s negative pole. Yes, this is a little scientific, but hang in there with me...Continuing.... the car washing will, indeed, have an effect on the negative charge of the earlier event with the co-worker. You will be working and mixing bio-energy, a result will come about. You will see that you are feeling better from having washed your car. Almost, like magic, you will begin to be less bothered by that prceeding occurance. If not - wash the car again.

This personal development program works, I know from my very life that it does. Read this information as many times as needed. If you use it in earnest, you’ll acheive results. Take charge of your mind, don’t let the negative, unhealthy influences and currents we live in have their way with you. Start implementing my personal development program today and start living life more fully.

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