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Sunday, August 10, 2008

“America’s Got Talent”, This Show Is REAL!

Alright, they, NBC, has finally created a talent show that I like and give my approval to, yes it has similarity to “American Idol”, but it is far better, you got true audience participation. Now listen to to who it has as the judges: Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff, yeah, the guy from ”Night Rider” who drove a car named “Kit”. And just guess who the host is? No...Wrong...it’s none other than the Honorable Mr. Jerry Springer, yes, of the “Jerry Springer Show”, he’s the master of ceremonies.

I really feel this NBC show is a great showcase of performers, some good; some horrible but rest assured, NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, is a real good television show, and deserves a good run on the tube, i’m addicted now and I feel you will be too.

Sharon Osbourne is so real on this show, being that Sharon we all know and love so much, we got Piers Morgan, the Simon Cowell of the show, but I feel his opinions are correct, heart felt judgements, not just for hype but to help the performers develop and hone their art, next up we have the playboy, David Hasselhoff, his input is also honest and I feel accurate judgements. All of “America’s Got Talent”’s judges are excellent, this is a honest show with less of the fanfare of “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent” is more about true talent, and less about hype created by the judges. And the audience participation is really wonderful....I just love seeing the studio audience get into the show...this is a real good show.

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Free Contests Online said...

yeah it was natural talent and real performers :)