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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama...Obama...Our Next President?

Senator Barack Hussein Obama was a so impressive at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and me being a black man, to see Mr. Barack Obama, a mixed race individual, give such a shining and powerful speech tonight was like crystal clear water pouring down a desert-dry, thristy throat. This man, Barak Obama, looks like the next president of these United States, what a powerful and courageous delivery...this brave man made me so...so...proud. He brought back memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his historic speeches...Mr. BarackObama was on fire.

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama’s address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention was simply ravishing, he stood before this nation speaking like a man on a definite mission; he looked serious and stern; he spoke strongly with authority and he spoke like someone deserving to be our president. I saw nothing but a strong and intelligent black man(ok, partly black man) showing that one’s race has nothing to do with one’s determination and desire to accomplish. Tonight was historic and totally amazing and I have Senator Barack Obama to thank. Thank you Barak Obama, thank you so very much.

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