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Monday, September 8, 2008

Make Room For Positive Thinking

As you know the negative is always around, always on the prowl, always at the door - it seems to be adept at attacking us when we least expect it. The world of darkness, with its croonies just loves bringing us down, spoiling our days...sucking out all the light and joy we have in our lives. They’re just a gloomy bunch, and letting them hang-out with you will surely be a bad, bad decision - no good will come from having this group around.

But, hey, there is hope for us...we can do things to keep this gang from approaching us...we can fight back. Positive thinking, yeah I know, you heard all this before but really, it does work; the results can be surprising. Think about it, maybe we are allowing Fear, Pain, Hate, Jealousy, and the rest of the crew to to get away with murder: murder of our mental health.

Try this: for each negative, unclean thought, think two positive, healthy thoughts. Oh, don’t be fooled, changing one’s mind into the positive thinking mode isn’t an easy thing to accomplish - it’s not like turning the key in an ignition...no...no...that’s not the way it works. The world is presently overwhelmed with low thought vibrations, and unhealthy mind states. So, implementing the plan above will not be an easy task, for the dear earth of ours is full of the negative, its everywhere we look. To succeed in the combating of negative thinking takes a determined effort, you will have to be diligent and alert...the enemies of positive thinking will not stop trying to envade your mind sphere...these guys are relentless. So you better stay attentive, alert to any negative thought that enters your mind - DON'T ALLOW ANY MOOD-LOWERING THOUGHT RESIDENCE IN YOUR MIND. That won’t be a piece of cake but you must try to do it. Try and try again, it will become easier as you practice this routine.

And when positive thinking just seems to be like lifting a truck, remember that every journey begins with the first step. Start your journey to a better life today, refused to let the Gloom Team be winners in your life - face them, combat them - and WIN.

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