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Friday, February 1, 2008

The New England Patriots Are No Miami Dolphins

The big game, “The Super Bowl”, is here and everybody is awaiting the best two teams of the NFL to engage in battle. But this will be no average championship contest, one of the teams has captured our attention. These New England Patriots have achieved something that no other team has - except one other team - their nemesis - The Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins(1972)

Now these Patriots are a special bunch, this can easily be seen by any football spectator even if their knowledge of the game is a little shaky. This team wins so seeming effortless that you wonder if their opponent is really trying to defeat them. That’s how good the New England Patriots are, they have excellent players in every position.

Here’s where the train goes off the tracks for this team and glorious NFL franchise: They are cheaters. The New England Patriots were caught videotaping another team's defensive signals - this is a horrible revelation - how could they? My faith in the New England Patriots and , for that matter, today's NFL, was permanently shaken. And of course, I can’t see how their perfect season can be called legitimate. This team CHEATED.

Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history, and coach of the perfect season 1972 Miami Dolphins, is totally right in his appraisal of the New England Patriots. He said the Patriots should have an asterisk placed by their record. He said the New England Patriots have been caught cheating - and this omits any claim they could have of a perfect season.

Today we had another revelation about these New England Patriots - but maybe I shouldn’t blame them for this one. Well...you won’t believe this one: the NFL has allowed the evidence of the Patriots cheating to be destroyed. Folks, even if you are a die-hard New England Patriot fan, even you have to shake your head on this incriminating action.

The above expresses the reason why the New England Patriots should not be considered in anyway equal to those record-setting, non-cheating Miami Dolphins. We all know that if you chat to win, you haven’t won.

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