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Monday, February 18, 2008

Uno, the Beagle, Wins At The Westminster Dog Show

Yeah, I was impressed too...that sturdy little beagle had me tuning in too. You would have thought he was Underdog the way he handled himself - his confidence, his swagger - what a handsome devil you are Mr. Uno. “Have no fear, Uno is here”, he has been crowned by the Westminster Dog Show.

Uno, the stunning beagle, had alot of weight on his tiny little shoulders...Do dogs have shoulders? Well, he won anyway, Uno had the crowd from the beginning, he was just the canine of the moment. Like Snoppy of Charlie Brown fame, Uno simply melted our hearts. We all wanted this beautiful little beagle to pull it off. And he did in royal fashion, the Westminster Dog Show will never be the same.

Now, to add to his glory...this small dog accomplished a feat that no other dog in his breed had ever succeeded in doing - he won at the Westminster Dog Show - a feat never before accomplished by a beagle. Remember, dog shows are poodle turf! But not this time. I’m proud of ya Uno...Hip hip...horay...Hip hip...Horay...the new king has arrived, and his lordship is named UNO.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking beagle! I'm glad he won.

Glendell-The Art Master said...

Hi you doing babygirl, so nice you paid me a visit. Yes, Mr. Uno is quite the looker - I love solemn looking dogs. They remain me of myself.