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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Okay, every rat and cat in a box is talking bad about Britney’s performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Oh, now you’re mad at her? She finally did it this time, huh? “She’s no good - it’s over”, you say. Tell me have you ever bought a Britney Spears cd? Before her so-called fiasco, were you a fan? I don’t want to hear it...you Love Britney Spears. You know you do, without her what would you do?

Many a fan tuned in to the MTV Video Music Awards just to see their idol. Britney showed up and did what she always does. You say her performance was bad. Oh, come-on, since when has Britney Spears(I love you baby) been this spectacular singer and dancer? You only keep up with her because of her astonishing looks: she’s very beautiful. People don’t admire Britney Spears for her vocal or dance ability. Britney is totally eye candy. The more you see her, the more you want to see her. This is the reason you turned on the MTV Video Music Awards. You surely didn’t expect a ground-breaking performance. It may not have even met her standards, but it was Britney for sure.

All-in-all, you guys are being too hard on this troubled public icon. Everyone knows this girl’s life is in shambles - cut Britney some slack. Give your goddess, your queen, some breathing room. That’s what a true fan would do. Can’t you see your idol crying backstage? Don’t you feel her pain? She wants to please each and everyone of you. Are you going to turn your back on her now. She needs you most now. A real fan will see her through this time. Think about it.


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