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Monday, June 9, 2008

Ready For The Paparazzi, Fans And Fame

It took me more than a year to complete this album but I did it, and now my life is going to change drastically. Time to get ready for the onslaught of attention and admirers that success in this business attracts. I’m not looking forward to the prying eyes of the paparazzi, they are so intrusive but the public created the paparazzi. The public demands info on celebrities and the famous, the paparazzi is only suppling what the public wants. Still I kinda hate them. well now they will be aiming and following me, it comes with the entertainment territory and I accept it totally. Still I hate it, though.

Prediction: my album will change the music industry, it will be #1 on the billboard charts, it will make me and instant millionaire - this and more will my debut album do. I truly believe that this album is going to do thses things, and in so doing change my quiet live forever. But I’m not complaining, I have chosen to persue show business as a career, no one pushed me into it, I objectively sought to follow this path. I have no regrets, no complain. I am a Rock-N-Roller for life.

What remains to be seen now is the fillment of the above predictions... they as more than accomplishable given my talent and deep understanding of the music business. I know how to make hit music and how to entertain, folks get ready for a wonderful ride, get ready to experience "GLENDELL".

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