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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keeping My Head In This Music Business

I’m sensing that my quiet life is about to take a violent turn, that what was before will quickly fade away...that attention levels are about to explode. Will I remain the same youngman I am today, or will I become a reclusive music superstar like Micheal Jackson(my mentor)?

Speaking of Micheal Jackson, what is my homie up to? All them skills, all that GAME he got(remember the white glove?)...what the heck is he doing these days? Oh, I know about the Las Vegas situation, or rumor but what about returning to the Billboard charts, his old home? Okak Micheal Jackson...get to it, man.

Back to me...well, I been talking about the fishbowl nature or voyeurism of the show business world - people follow us, photograph us, write and read about us - all for a profit. I hate this part of my profession - the Paparazzi - being my nemesis. These guys stop at nothing to make an entertainer’s life a living hell...they won’t run, or ruin my life, I refuse to let them do that.

Folks, I just wanted to relate some of my thoughts on being a full-fledged recording artist, here we go. I asked for this and here we go....see ya’ll at the Billboard awards...

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