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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did He Live? Yes, Chris Angel Escapes Again!

What a shocker...that hotel really came down...how did Chris Angel survive this one? This guy is simply death-defying, he thinks of the most challenging, bizarre stunts you can imagine and then walks out victorious. Chris Angel is a new age magician, he really does strive to be the best illusionist on the planet, along with his partner in crime, David Blaine.

When I chanced to look over at the television screen and see this performance I was rather impressed by this whole orchestration, this total disregard for human life, this entertainment at all cost... his ambition to be the best magician ever. He and David Blaine make us think again about how we take reality for granted...they make us feel alittle apprehensive about our beliefs concerning this earth of ours, is what we see really what is there? Chris Angel and David Blaine both seem to be able to turn the world’s laws upside-down...twist reality, make reality what they want it to be. We are left with the sense that maybe Chris Angel, and David Blaine are not really like the rest of us...could they be more then magicians, illusionists? Maybe they are really causing those thing to happen and not faking it - they’re not telling.

That hotel did in fact collapse, but he, Chris Angel escaped...yeah, we heard about him having an escape plan but, hey...what kinda escape plan permits for a person getting out of a terrifying, huge building like that when it is blown-up? Again, is this guy human or a superhuman? He is leaning towards SUPERHUMAN - hear this marvel? Professor X has another member about us...name...Chris Angel.

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