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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wimbledon: Venus And Serena Williams

The best female tennis pros played at Wimbledon, and guess who they were? Venus and her sister Serena, well, I’m sorry, they had no choice...they beat all of the other contenders. Rules are rules, Wimbledon says the best must play the best - Serena Williams and Venus Williams are the tennis world’s best in skirts.

Venus Williams was the winner of this Wimbledon battleroyal but Serena ain’t too upset, Venus is her older sis, so this was really just a family gathering with mom and pop in the stands.

These two tennis world titans are simply undefeatable players, Serena Williams and Venus Williams being so talented they are left playing against each other. These women are special and their from my state: FLORIDA. Keep Up the good work, gurls.

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