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Monday, May 28, 2007

Use Google and Other things to get visits to your website

Hello folks,
Here's some more info I'm making available. This time I'm going to talk about getting people to view your website. Read this article carefully, it will be to your betterment :

Use Google and Other things to get visits to your website

I was just like many of you out there, I created a website and thought I was now ready for, and would get attention through my new site. Man, I was so, so wrong, that was the sour truth that I had to swallow. I started out extremely optimistic, but I was to find out that having a site on the world wide web is only that, it is only the first step to internet success. Having a web presence only means your website is available to the public. The site is now accessible to anybody who would like to view it but that is only the beginning. Now, here’s the shocker: yes, the site is out there for all to see but who’s seeing it? I bet you never thought about that. See, you have this wonderful website, but you’ve got no visitors - nobody knows you have a site - nobody knows your website exists. So, most of you, like I did, quickly realize that you have a very big problem. The problem is no traffic but that can be solved in many ways. I’m going to tell you some things to do:

Learn About Search Engines

Search engines, these are the main reason your site gets no visitors. A search engine is a database that contains the information about most websites on the www or world-wide web. Google is the biggest and most popular search engine, but there are thousands more. To get into a search engine, you will most likely have to submit your site to the particular search engine. Another way is to get your site linked to or listed on a popular site, the search engines visit popular sites often, and list the new sites listed on those popular websites. A search engine is like a telephone book, it helps you locate sites in the fields your interested in. It’s the same as using the ”yellow pages”, only these yellow pages are for the internet. To find search engines go to Google and type in ”search engines” and go to those sites and submit your website. It can take months for them to include your site, so be patient. The other method will shorten the time considerably.

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Learn SEO

SEO is short for ”search engine opitimization”. This is only for the true do it-yourselfers, for this can take a long time to master, and it isn’t easy. You will need to study it with determination. SEO is part of what a webmaster studies, he must know it in order to get his website or websites, known by the public. SEO is the study of how search engines work. There are certain criteria the search engines look for in a website, and the search engines themselves are complex machines, but you won’t need to know everything to get your site in these search engines. In SEO you will learn about site content, meta tags, keywords, etc., it will take time. There are some rather simple things that can be done with your website that will make a search engine give attention to your site. So don't let the search engines scare you off. You just have to learn.

Try Web 2.0

What’s Web 2.0? The term, Web 2.0, is used to indicate the new web communities, such as Myspace, Digg and many others. The internet is much different from the early days, the changes are phenomenial. Web 2.0 is one of the newest developments. Well, anyway, don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to get involved with Web 2.0. Just type in ”social communities on the internet” or ”bookmarking sites”, then go to those sites and register. When registered you will be able to list you site ane articles you’ve written. This will get your website noticed if the communities find you and your site interesting. They will become visitors to your site - it works if you work it.

Above I have relayed some good information on getting your website noticed, reread this information and then apply it. This information will not help you if you don’t apply it. And that means your site will remain lost in internet space, with no visitors. So, go to work, use the information I have freely given you, and see your web presence improve.

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