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Friday, June 1, 2007

Leaders of our country using psychics?

Hi peoples, read this:

Leaders of our country using psychics?

That many people choose to be advised and comforted by psychics is nothing new. What shocks us is that the people we put in office could do such a thing as ask for advice from a person who looks into a crystal ball. But this, my friends, is what’s been going on and will continue to go on. Things go on in our legislative branch that we would never think of - privilege of the few. Take for example, our former president, Ronald Reagan , he and his wife were accused of consulting with psychics. Now, I don’t know about you, but that news was some I could have done without. My president, my leader, accepting guidance from a tea leaf reader. Who would believe such a thing - no way. Truth be known, our sacred leadership is doing and will continue to accept advice from psychics - for who knows - maybe they do know all. My belief is that quite a few politicians engage in metaphysical matters. Your congressman is no different from you. He wants to know what the future holds just like you do. But he is supposed to be on a higher plane than we regular citizens, we expect him to know better. We look to our leaders for leadership. So how can our officials do such a childish thing as use fortune-tellers? We demand and except them to be upright, sincere and certainly clear minded public servants. How can they treat us this way? That's why we have to watch our leaders and make sure they’re up and up. If we closed our eyes, can you imagine what damage would befall this dear country?

Alright, I hear you, ”But there are real, genuine psychics”, you say. I’ve researched this subject and my conclusion is that there may indeed be humans with actual contact wtith a higher source of perception and information. Now, having said that - do you know any of these people? Yeah, that’s exactly what I expected. You can’t give the name of a single person who is truly accurate in their fortune-telling. OK, I’m not against a person who does have true psychic ability or one that can make accurate predictions from tea leaves, because as I’ve said, I have thoroughly studied these abilities and I know the mechanisms by which they work. I just don’t believe a person with true paranormal abililty is easy to find. If you visit your friendly neighborhood psychic; then I know you usually want your money back. Now, our statesmen and leaders can’t do any better than you, but they are leading us, making decisions for us - that changes the game completely. The stakes are much higher. Can we afford to have our leaders behaving in this way. No wonder our country has so many problems.

The use of psychics has a long history. Since the days of the ancients, divination(the seeking of divine knowledge) has been used. Man has a thrist for knowing what is to come. Nostradamus, a great seer from the ancient past, gave prophecies and advice to kings and powerful people of his day. The famous commander, Napoleon, was a known user of psychics and their methods. Hilter, this infamous entity, was also said to be a true believer in matters of the psychic kind. And in the present time, among others, one of our presidents was accused of utilizing things of the metaphysical sort. Most politicians are not as sure of themselves as they would have us believe. They prove this time and time again. So, it is clear, dear fellows, that our world leaders have a tendency for matters of the psychic kind. And I feel that this is going on in our hallowed governmental establishment quite a bit more than we care to believe. A lot is sheilded from the media. Remember, Capital Hill and the rest of the government, is a private club and you’re not invited.

Finally, in wrapping this up, let me say, the problem isn’t the psychics, the problem is weak leadership. To be a leader you must have a lucid mind, you must be focused on what is happening in this world, no some thought up - dream world. A leader has to be stern in his judgment - not easily moved from his stance - his decisions must always be well thought out. How can he accomplish this looking into a crystal ball. Life just doesn’t work that way. To the leaders of this country and those of other countries I say, be strong, be strong, were counting on you.

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