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Friday, May 18, 2007

I give you all of my music

I see that they won't stop, they're still at it. There are many people in my business(music) who feel it's all about the money. I won't name anybody, but you all know who they are- their constantly on the music charts. These folks in most cases can't hold a candle to me. Put yourself in my shoes for a minute...Here I am producing these new and 'off the chain' sounds and I, like yourselves, have to listen to this weak, poorly sang and in most cases poorly produced bullsh*t. So when I tell you I am the best, believe me and demand I prove it. The proof will be provided soon enough, 'believe that'. I aim to please. I am not against a show like American Idol, I just don't think a show like that could take a performer like myself. Sanjaya is OK,..What's Up, Man!? I say these things because I always bring 'that fire'. Damn, it just hit me again- thanks babygirls for bringing 'that fire' that keeps my music coming through. I can't do this sh*t without y'all. Homies, y'all 'in the house' too. Yeah peoples, I'm as REAL as they come. I just got so much to give musically. Those late night shows, on the networks, are just sad music wise. Hold on folks, I'm on my way. I give all I have musically. Later.

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