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Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm painting away

How you doing?
I'm in the middle of completing a beautiful seascape scene, your going to love this work. Well, take a look at my other artwork at: Framed Art. The artwork above comes from that site. There you will find the same high quality art creations that this new masterpiece represents. The show continues, it's my life. This new painting has those same trademark features of mine as the rest of my work. The seawater comes through so strong your going to think you've entered the painting. You can almost hear the seagulls flying around. You can literally smell and touch the things depicted in the artwork. As I always say, "My art is more than visual- it involves all the senses and it has feeling". I want people to love the art images I create. I infuse them all with my feeling in an effort to convey a message. When you buy a painting, art print or illustration from me know that it was created with care and attention. All of my artwork shows this clearly. I'm really enjoying the production of this new piece of art. Art is true love. See you guys later.

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