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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I got a space in Myspace

Over at Myspace.com I'm known as "Glendell". Go over there and see my profile and drop a note, I will most certainly respond. Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting a lot of friends or should I say fans? My album is very close to release, no joke! At Myspace there are a lot of music people and I'm one of them. I have been preparing myself for the superstardom I'm sure to get. Rememember everybody, I told you all that my album is a masterpiece of music, so I'm going to be in the spot light. I am ready. Here is something more, check for that movie script I wrote a few years ago. That script will be sold to some great director, you watch my smoke, y'all will see. Yes, I'm officially a celebrity. I'm now in the entertainment industry and I love it. This album of mine is going to put me on the map, I can barely wait for it to drop. It's just about finished. And all you fine babygirls keep adding me as a friend over at Myspace, I LOVE YA. Later folks.

P.S. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot my American Idol homeboy, Sanjaya. Sanjaya, WHA' UP, HOMIE?

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