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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Time Has Finally Come: Marvel Unleashes “Ironman”

Just like “Ironman” raises himself up from the throngs of defeat, so do we battle our demons everyday, struggling to make gold from the crumbling mear of failure. Like Ironman, we get out of bed ready to get on with the better things of life, only to end in despair. But be strong my fearless comrades...we can be just like Ironman - willing to engage in battle - willing to do whatever to make positive thrives in this life.

Robert Downey, Jr., “Ironman”, will face terrible enemies, he will meet terrible, violent circumstances, but you can bet, Ironman will be the one left standing in the end. This Marvel superheroe is going to show the world how to dig deep , how to fight to the end - show us how to use those powerful inner forces we so seldom draw upon. This is a movie for all.

Get READY! Marvel and Robert Downey, Jr. brings you “The Invincible Ironman”. The long awaited movie is here. Enjoy.

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