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Monday, May 5, 2008

“IRONMAN” + Marvel + Robert Downey, Jr. = $100Million

Now do you believe me? This superheroe has just grossed $100 million. Didn’t I prophecy this?...Didn’t I say “Ironman” was going to be a powerful piece of cinematography? Now, ready to crown me?...OK, no need to do all that, just give me credit for seeing what has now become reality: “Ironman” is a giant hit.

So, how do I do it? Well...being a right-brained individual, an artist, I’m immediately effected by good design, colors, and all things visual. This being the case, I was instantly taken by that “Ironman” Superbowl commercial earlier this year; I immediately said to myself that this was to be a great movie , if only for its visual elements. But after being overwhelmed with the shocking imagery in that short cameo, I also took in Mr. Robert Downey,Jr.’s aura, I could feel the seriousness and dedication he must have put into every word of script he uttered and brought to life on the screen. Robert Downey, Jr. wanted us to see and feel the Marvel Comics’ superheroe as a reality we could relate to, touch and feel.

Now, let me speak on Marvel’s decision to allow Robert Downey, Jr. to have this so distingished role as “Ironman”. As has been over-publicized, Mr. Downey has had some really bad and horrible situations to get through; he had to use all of his strength and resources to get back to what he is - a great actor. His life itself is a testamony to mankind’s innner powers(we are never as hopeless as we think), he was in the dungeon, but now he’s in the palace. Marvel Comics saw his desire for change and his toughness - they made a smart decision. A miracle? Yes, but we all can acheive life-changing, spectacular effects in our challenging lives, too. We just have to want it badly enough. Just like Stan Lee’s “Ironman,” we like Robert Downey Jr., can change or lives through seemingly “superpowers”, super power we didn’t belkieve we possessed. Let’s be like “Ironman” and use our minds in such a way that we draw on our will, intent in such a way that they seem to be superpowers. Good day.


Anonymous said...

Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; its makers drop some pretty obvious sequel hints too... i'm thinking the next one should be equally great

Glendell-The Art Master said...

patrick, the secret is that Marvel obviously takes this movie venturing seriously; the scriptwriting; the choice of actors; the production and the director is, indeed, 'flawless' without a doubt. I've always chose Marlvel over DC Comics since childhood, I just fell in love with their characters and story-telling. But I really never expected the these SUPER movies, but I sure am enjoying them.

Thanks for your comments, patrick, I really do appreciate it.