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Thursday, May 15, 2008

US Gas Is Sky High - Wish I Owned An Oil Company

They are raking it in, the oil sheiks of the Middle East, our own beloved American oil companies - Shell, Texaco, Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Amaco and the rest. The oil is pumping and the already swollen pockets are getting bigger and bigger. Money, money, money for all...except us, the petroleum-buying public, most of us are suffering, we can’t believe the prices. It’s as if we have become pawns in a terrifying oil/energy game. Will Texaco, Exxon, Chevron, Amaco save us - please, their part of the problem - these American oil giants are in bed with their eastern oil buddies - and man, aren’t we getting the shaft. Pandora’s box has opened and folks we are in trouble, the oilmen have gone wild and all control has been lost.

Our economy is being beat-down by the shenanigans being pulled by the worlds oil producers; don’t look for oil prices to ever return to previous levels; wave the past oil prices bye-bye. The US economy is tied to the Middle Eastern oil fields - first we lost soldiers, now we’re losing our economy. Their some happy Americans though: the Us oil companies and their shareholders. But too bad - that leaves most of us out - so we continue to suffer these offending energy prices. I think there is a conspiracy about; I see no other reason for these unusually high gas prices, something is going on and it’s going on within the top levels of the United States Government. Something just ain’t right, peeps.

It’s not going to matter who gets the presidency if this oil issue isn’t fixed, for the economy will continue to take a dive. “Elementary Watson”, you need not be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. What can we do? Not much really, unless we get political - you know - band together, march on Capital Hill - that’s about all we can do. We are going to have to change some laws and that requires work, lots of work.

The Oil sheiks and the oil companies are in heaven these days, they aren’t thinking about us poor little sheep, somehow we must find the strength to carry-on. These companies are not going to change so we must change, we need to learn conservation and be more shrewd iin our economic lives. This will help tremendously - sticking to a positive plan of action. All hope is not lost for our economy, things can get better but right now, implement a plan of positve action and make sure to follow it. I’ll be busy doing the same.

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